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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 27/09/2004


Sorry to all those of you on dial-up with the slow pictures loading - we've just got so many reports with pictures it's getting hard to use them all each week ! The fishing was great again on both lakes over the weekend and things are looking fantastic for the opening weekend. The main rivers are full of late run rainbows , so make sure you've got some glo bugs and nymphs in your  fly boxes . Even the weather is looking alright at this stage so call in for a cuppa on your way through and we'll update any reports on the day

NSW Fishing Licences:Due to the amount of work involved with licence returns we are now ONLY offering fishing licences On-Line Via the NSW Fisheries web site with the use of CREDIT CARD ONLY :-

#Please allow a little time for us to process these if you intend to renew your licence over the longweekend period as we may be busy.


Rivers - ONLY 5 days to go !   All general trout streams will open this Saturday the 2nd of October 2004 ( Start of the October longweekend).

Eucumbene: There's still some really nice browns & rainbows being caught down around Buckenderra,Middlingbank and Yens bay. Fishing an intermediate line with streamers would get reults like woolly buggers and fuzzies etc. The Eucumbene dam wall is also a reliable area over the last month, and well worth a look on a bright day. All in all the flyfishing should start to really improve as things warm up.

Jindabyne: Had some quite good reports back in from those who have been out polaroiding over the last few weeks, seeing as many as 20+ fish a session.Seeing them and catching them can be another story as any one who has had a go at polaroiding will tell you. We've had our local guide Paul Bourne tie us up some nice sand cased caddis flies - which have worked well this season - give one a try next trip.Other patterns worth a try include Midge pupa's, black & peacocks, wooly buggers and Horrors etc. Remember stay back from the edges and walk slowly.


The trolling really has been about as good as it gets over the last few months and should only continue as things warm up. Generally the best colours in the Tassie's have been Col S12,Y82,YFR ,89 & 55.Our own Alpine Cobras have also developed quite a following with the pink wings, black hole and green ghost all fishing well of late. minnows are also always worth having in your spread with RMG Scorpions, Stump Jumpers, baby merlins, Attacks and Rapala's all worth a swim. Best colours are gold & blacks, rainbow and browns trout patterns, tigers and pink/violets. The Rebel crick hoppers also continue to fish well with the black one being the pick along with the Smilin jack version in black/gold. Running 3 colours of leadline can also help pull a few fish through out the day, getting your lures down around the 3 metre mark.We also have some great new "Frenzy" lures in a range of great colours at ONLY $6.95 each - chech them out next trip !

NEW Duel Depth Tassie Colours:- You can now get all the popular "Yellow Wing" patterns in the Duel depht Tasmanian devil range - Including the popular S12 sparkler.These are sure to become favourites in a few tackle boxes - Give some a run next trip.

NEW Sting Cobra Colours :- We also added another 6 new colours to our popular "Sting" cobra range with a total of 16 unique colours now in stock.

Jindabyne: Martin Madre and Andy Logue did well over the weekend trolling with deep Merlins in the gold spot/tail and our own Alpine Cobras in the black hole and yellow terror for 29 fish in total , with salmon and browns to 2.5kgs.Generally the best areas have been around the Islands in front of the main township, Rushes/Sid's bay at East Jindabyne, Creel bay and around Waste point and the Western side up around Kalkite.We should also start to see some of the BIG salmon turning up from now on in as they've got to be getting pretty hungry by now ! 

Soft Plastic Trout Due to popular demand we'll run Steersy's ( Steve Steers ) Soft plastics on trout report again - as the more anglers who try plastics on trout - more are finding the trout love them !


"G'day Scotto" 

Yeah good to talk to you too mate! 

SP's on Tas trout report as follows:- 

Prior to the trout season closure earlier this year and since the season opened down this way on the 07th of August I have been targeting and consistently catching some nice bags of trout on soft plastics in the highland lakes of Tasmania.  The main waters I have been targeting have been Arthur's and Great Lake and both have been providing some excellent action for this time of the year considering that the water temp is still very cold (around 6 degrees at Arthurs last weekend).  All fish caught have been Browns with the majority of fish in the 2.5 , 4.5lb range with the measure to the fork of the tail typically ranging between 40 and 60cm with the average being 49cm at Arthur's and to 52cm at Great Lake. 


At the end of the season earlier in the year I was getting bags of up to 15 nice fish in 3 hours.  Since the start of this season I have consistently been landing up to 7 nice fish in the same time period so it would seem that the action is only going to better as the water temp rises a little. 

The stand out soft plastics have been the 3" Berkley bass minnows with the most productive colors down this way being Pearl/Olive shad, Ginger Beer and Pumpkinseed.When the fish are not hitting the Bass minnows as often as you would like I have found that downsizing to a trimmed down 2" Berkley Bulky Hawge works extremely well with the same smooth retrieve rigged on a 1/24th Nitro head (represents a mudeye / damselfly nymph quite well).


I am rigging my Bass Minnows and on 1/16th size 1 and size 2 Nitro jig heads and it is important to get them dead straight on the hook so that on the drop they glide through the water nice and straight, it pays to jig them beside the boat or at you feet to make sure this is the case (can't emphasize this enough). The retrieve that has been working a treat is a subtle slow/smooth one/two lift and drop style retrieve similar to what is popular with bream but only a lot smoother (emphasis on a smooth very subtle rod twitch/pause on the lift stoke). If you think smooth and subtle you can't go that wrong. 

Last weekend we had our first Sports Fish Tasmania website get together and friendly fishing comp at Arthurs lake and 7 anglers ended 9 hours of fishing with a total of 52 nice fish landed by only 6 of the anglers. I ended the weekend with 20 fish at 963cm total length (to the fork) and all bar one angler caught some nice fish after a little tuition on the technique. ( 

Fish are coming out of 2-5meters of water in around submerged trees and weedbeds while working the area on the electric or drifting with the wind.Hope you get into them up your way, let me know how you go or if you require any further information.  I am sure that this method will pull some fish from the lakes up your way as I use to fish  lake Jindabyne a lot and know how good a mudeye system it is. 

Cheers Steersy


The baitfishing has been fantastic over the last few months, with some real quality in the fish being caught as well.The best reports have been from anglers fishing with scrubbies and bardie grubs, using a Power bait dropper (pictured below). This rig has really proven itself over the last few seasons; with both options you really have it covered. Power bait naturally floats, so the distance you make your dropper is the distance you can expect your Power bait to be above the bottom. This means that fish will find your bait a lot quicker even if you have cast into weeds. If they don't eat the Power bait they have found your main bait a lot quicker. Scrub worms can also be fished instead of the Bardie grub, being a cheaper alternative. Best colours in the Power bait have been Orange, Sherbet, Lime twist and rainbow. The hook is important when fishing with Power bait and we get a special "single egg" pattern in from Gamakatsu just for the job - which has a short shank and ultra wide gape. Feel free to ask us to go over the rig next time your in if still unsure.Thomas Music Jrn and Adam Felding Jrn fished with their dads at Jindabyne with bardies and powerbait for 18 fish - mostly rainbows to 1.5kgs. Scott & Rob from Canberra did well over the weekend fishing scrub worms for 4 browns and one rainbow to 2kgs ( Pictured below ).


Scott & Rob with a couple of nice browns form Jindabne & George & Peggy from Canberra fished Jindabyne again with scrub worms for 6 browns to 70cm - pictured above.

Powerbait dropper-rig


Best areas' on Eucumbene include: Middling bank, Rushes bay at Frying pan, 7 gates, yens bay, Breamar bay and along the dam wall.

Best area's on Jindabyne include: The clay pits in front of town, Hatchery bay, creel bay and Kalkite.

Jindabyne Dam Wall project Up-dates :- For detailed information regarding the work being caried out on the Lake Jindabyne Dam wall, including road delays etc go to :-

Lake Levels

Eucumbene 55 % and Rising

Jindabyne 52 % and steady/falling slowly

Tantangarra 16 % Rising fast !

Yamaha Snowy Mountains Trout Festival 2004

Yamaha - one of our major sponsors

You could win this fantastic Stessco 3.95 Bass tracker boat with 20 HP Yamaha outboard motor,on a sturdy Belcoe trailer valued at over $7000.00 - JUST by entering this years Yamaha Snowy Mountains trout festival and attending the final presentation at 2pm Friday the 5th of November at the Adaminaby Bowling club

You can get all the details and even down load an entry form at the new Yamaha Snowy Mountains Trout Festival Web

That's all till next week!

Regards Scotto


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