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Archive Date: 12/11/2006

Snowy Mountains Trout Festival 2006 !

This years 33rd annual Yamaha / Freshwater Fishing Snowy Mountains Trout Festival will be run from Saturday the 4th of November to Friday the 10 th of November 2006.  The last weigh in time will be 10am on Friday morning.FULL DETAILS @

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

*Old Adaminaby ramp shots C-Col Sinclair from the Adaminaby Angler.

Firm surface and parking close by

*Anglers Reach Ramp

GOOD NEWS  TWO NEW Launching areas - Snowy River Shire Council & Snowy Hydro have upgraded and cleared off the silt from the old Denison st at Old Adaminaby and added gravel to the top turning/parking area as well - along with upgrading an area at Anglers Reach as well. These ramps can now be used to launch larger boats with out too much trouble. This ramp will now be cleared regularly to keep access for launching boats open on lake Eucumbene.Snowy Hydro are also looking at improving launching area's at Anglers Reach and the Dam wall - so we'll keep you posted. More details on Lake Eucumbene's levels @

*Buckenderra have also upgraded their launching area and you can now launch boats up to 4 metres with a four wheel drive at the Eucumbene cover.

Headlines:   Snowy Mountains Trout Festival Underway

We are into day 3 of the festival today and there have been some great fish caught. Heaviest Brown at this stage is 2.277kg. Heaviest Rainbow is 1.231kg. (both of these weights are gilled and gutted) and with 5 days to go there are bound to be some more great fish caught.

There are plenty of prizes up for grabs, so why not come and have a go.


Rivers:- The great river fishing continues with excellent numbers of Rainbows and a few Browns for good measure. Some welcome rain this week will have helped the higher streams. The dry fly fishing is improving rapidly though most fish are still being caught on Nymphs. There are more and more insects becoming active with the warmer weather. Expect Caddis, Mayflies and Midges. Terrestrials such as Beetles and Ants are in abundance.

The Thredbo and Moonbah have been fishing well, but more numbers of fish in the Thredbo. Prince and Beadhead Brown Nymphs under a dry fly have produced the goods.

Several Anglers fished the Eucumbene River over the last week and there are still heaps of fish to be caught.

One Angler fishing the upper Eucmbene managed to catch 3 Rainbows and a Brown before breaking his brand new rod. He then rigged up his spare rod and caught 10 more fish.  To add to the excitement of the day he was attacked by a tiny (6inch) Brown Snake, and had a lighting bolt shatter a tree less than 50 metres from him. The fishing is so good at the moment that even when it seems like everything is against you, you can still catch plenty.


Lake Eucumbene:- Still some very nice rainbows averaging .800 grams to 1kg being caught at present. The edges are starting to dry out quite well now and ther has been some nice early morning and evening fishing.  There have been a few midges starting to show and their numbers will continue to improve as the water temps rise slightly.

Fly fishing from boats has been good over the last few days with anglers finding fish using sinking lines and woolly buggers. There heve been some great plump Rainbows coming using this method but you do have to search to find them. Once you catch one work the area over and you should be able to hook a few more.

We have had more reports of termites and ants falling this week and plenty of fish moving on them. It is all about timing for these falls. Warm and still days tend have more of these insects on the wing and usually in the late afternoons. The next morning following a fall can have fish in close mopping them up.

Rushy Plains, Seven Gates, Dam Wall, Old Adaminaby and Buckenderra have all been good areas.  

Best flies have been Brown nymphs, Beadhead Wooly Buggers and Windlane Nymphs.

Lake Tantangara :- No reports

Lake Jindabyne:- .

Reports from Jindabyne have been scarce but those that have given them have said that the fishing has been excellent with a better quality of fish coming in there than from Eucmbene.


Some excellent fish on the troll this week. With slow trolled Flatfish taking some great Browns.  Cowbells with worms or mudeyes have been great trolled on flatlines. The RMG #35 Scorpion the 'King Brown' holographic gold is still THE lure!

Other consistent lures include Tasmanian Devils in Cols PP, 36, 3, 48, Holo, and Y62. Our own Alpine Cobra's in the Alpine special, Alpine Attractor, and Lime Spiders patterns.

Eucumbene:- The great trolling continues and launching is possible at more areas now though the Old Adaminaby ramp is still the pick if you have only a 2 wheel drive or a BIG boat. Launching is also possible at Buckenderra, The Dam Wall and Anglers Reach at present.

Best trolling areas have been around the Dam wall and main basin.


 Jindabyne:-  We have had some great reports back in from Jindabyne over the last few weeks. The best area's have been in the main basin out around the islands in front of town & Sid's Bay over at East Jindy, up around Waste Point and at the top of the lake around Kalkite. Fishing a mixture of small minnows like RMG Scorpions, Merlins , Rapala's & Attacks along with Tassie's in just about all the "Yellow Wing",as well as our own Alpine Cobra's in the Alpine Special & Pink Wings patterns producing the goods.


*Robert, Leigh, Neil, Ken, and John from Melbourne managed 51 (many released) fish on Scrub worms fishing out from Braemar Bay. John Coles scored the biggest with a 3.6kg Brown which is going to our local taxidermist.  They also caught 21 fish on the troll.  Well done fellas.

The baitfishing has been unbelievable over the last few months with incredible catches coming in from Eucumbene. Just about all the main baits have been taking fish with scrubbies & Power Bait accounting for the most captures. Make sure you pick an area with plenty of weed and some structure like rocks and tree's. The most popular rig is to run your main bait with a Powerbait dropper ( Pictured below ).Power bait naturally floats, so the distance you make your dropper is the distance you can expect your Power bait to be above the bottom. This means that fish will find your bait a lot quicker even if you have cast into weeds. If they don't eat the Power bait they have found your main bait a lot quicker. The hook is important when fishing with Power bait and we have a special NEW  "circle hook" pattern from Mustad just for the job - which hooks them for you ! Feel free to ask us to go over the rig next time your in if still unsure.

 Powerbait Dropper Rig 

Best areas on Eucumbene include: Rushy Plains Bay, Seven Gates, Yens bay, Breamar bay ,Providence around the Eucumbene River Mouth down towards Anglers Reach and along the dam wall at Eucumbene Cove.

Best area's on Jindabyne include: The clay pits in front of town, Hatchery bay, Hayshed bay , creel bay and Kalkite.

Jindabyne Dam Wall project Up-dates :- For detailed information regarding the work being carried out on the Lake Jindabyne Dam wall, including road delays etc go to :-

Lake Levels

Eucumbene 23 % Dropped Slightly

Jindabyne   55.9% Dropped Slightly 

Tantangara  6.3% Dropped Slightly

Cheers Tom

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