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Archive Date: 28/12/2006



Headlines: There is some fine fishing at the moment in both the rivers and lakes.  In fact a white haired gentleman dressed in red and white was recently observed catching a few Rainbows at Lake Eucumbene.  When asked what he was using all that was to be heard was 'HO HO HO'.  Must be a new fly pattern? Obviously the fishing is so good it is leading to distraction for some.


Rivers:-  River fishing has been very good and although some streams are low there are plenty of fish to be caught.  Dry fly fishing has been the best method with loads of beetles, ants and hoppers about with plenty of caddis, midge and mayfly hatches too.

Light and long leaders (12-15 ft) are an advantage at the moment with the clear water conditions we are experiencing.

The Eucumbene, Thredbo, Gungarlin, Moonbah and Murrumbidgee have all been fishing well and would be the pick at present.

Best flies during the day are the Red Tag, Geehi Beetle, Coch-y-Bondhu, Royal Wullf, Humpy, Stimulator and Adams.  In the evenings an Elk Hair Caddis, Klinkhammer, Shaving brush, or Parachute style flies are best.

Lake Eucumbene:-  The lake fishing has been generally very good. Loch Style fishing has been good and there have been numbers of beetles in the lanes at times.  There have been a heap of hoppers in the grass up high around the lake and some anglers have reported doing quite well during the day drifting small hoppers from shore.

Seven Gates and Old Adaminaby have been good spots to try. The Western Shore of the lake would be a good option if you have a boat and in a Westerly wind this area can have great windlanes as well as bank fishing.

*Phil Lejsek and Bill Neat from Canberra fished from the shore around the Crowes Middilingbank area and had some great sessions.  In total they hooked 40+ Rainbows on Taihape Ticklers and Craigs Nightimes in three days of fishing. The biggest was around one kilo. Most of the fish were after dark and a fly up high in the water column fished better than one down deep.

 Lake Jindabyne:-  The new moon this week will have plenty of good Rainbows and Browns searching the edges early and late in the day. Weed beds are thick in places and these are the areas to concentrate on around evening.  Steeper rocky shores are worth a polaroid during the early to mid morning.  Try drifting a small beetle, ant or nymph at any fish sighted, and if this brings no response a small Woolly Bugger or Tom Jones can work.  After dark big  black streamers and muddlers will catch them.

Best spots are Hatchery Bay, East Jindabyne, and Stinky Bay.

Lake Tantangara :-  As in Jindabyne there are some good weed beds in Tantangara with lots of aquatic insects in them.  There have been some great hatches and good rises occuring in the evenings with most fish being small Rainbows.  Small Elk Hair Caddis, Klinkhammer, and Brown Nymphs are the best patterns to use on these fish.  A small Mrs Simpson, Hamills Killer, or Scotch Poacher will also turn a few fish after dark there.


Eucumbene:- Launching is still possible in many areas though the Old Adaminaby ramp is still the pick if you have only a 2 wheel drive or a BIG boat. Launching is also possible at Buckenderra, The Dam Wall and Anglers Reach at present.

It has been a very mixed bag when it comes to method that have worked this week.  Early and late in the day shallow running minnows or Tassies have been the best option fished in close.  Leadcore and downrigging during the brightest and hottest part of the day has also caught fish.

With the warm conditions we have been experiencing the earlier you can get on the water the better.  Aim to be out and trolling by 5 am. 

Best minnow lures have been Rebel Crickhoppers in tan and green, Rapala J-7 in Rainbow Trout, Bennett Ultra Deep Merlins in Rainbow trout and RMG Scorpions in Gold.

Best Tassie Devil colours have been 36, 55, 89, Y94, Y82, 28 and 48.  These are best run with a bead and a Gamakatsu single lure hook swinging off a split ring.

Best trolling areas have been around Old Adaminaby The Dam wall and main basin and the tree lined Western side of the lake.

GOOD NEWS  TWO NEW Launching areas - Snowy River Shire Council & Snowy Hydro have upgraded and cleared off the silt from the old Denison st at Old Adaminaby and added gravel to the top turning/parking area as well - along with park owners Paul and Ken upgrading an area at Anglers Reach as well. These ramps can now be used to launch boats with out too much trouble. Larger boats can be a little more difficult, but it is possible to launch small to medium sized vessels.  This ramp will now be cleared regularly to keep access for launching boats open on lake Eucumbene.Snowy Hydro are also looking at improving launching area's at Anglers Reach and the Dam wall - so we'll keep you posted. More details on Lake Eucumbene's levels @

*Buckenderra have also upgraded their launching area and you can now launch boats up to 4 metres with a four wheel drive at the Eucumbene cover.


Jindabyne:-  Jinde has been fishing much the same as Eucumbene.  There have been a few better Browns and fatter Rainbows being caught in Jindabyne however.  Best areas have been Sids Bay, Kalkite, Thredbo arm and Creel Bay.


Powerbait, Grubs, Mudeyes and Scrub Worms all worked over the last week and the weekend.   Powerbait in Lime and Lemon twist has been excellent during the day and most anglers opt for one rod with a Mudeye under a bubble and one with a Scrub Worm or Powerbait on the bottom.

Mudeyes have really been the best of the baits at present with some very good catches in the evenings.  Rainbows just love a mudeye under a bubble.

Bardi Grubs are your best bet for a big Brown on bait.  Fish deeper  bays and drop offs with a grub on the bottom for best results.  Stimulate attractant has been a useful addition to most bait types too.

Best areas on Eucumbene include: Rushy Plains Bay, Seven Gates, Yens bay, Breamar bay ,Providence around the Eucumbene River Mouth down towards Anglers Reach and along the dam wall at Eucumbene Cove.

Best area's on Jindabyne include: The clay pits in front of town, Hatchery bay, Hayshed bay , creel bay and Kalkite.

Powerbait Dropper Rig 

Lake Levels

Eucumbene 22.2%  Steady

Jindabyne   52.8 %  Dropped Slightly

Tantangara  6 %     Steady

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and fishy Christmas and if you see Santa fishing on the Lake tell him you would like a new rod, a new reel, a new boat, a fly box full of flies........

Merry Christmas


Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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