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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 17/03/2008


Headlines:  Fishing over the week and weekend was superb in Lake Eucumbene with many great reports from anglers using all methods. It is a big report this week with lots of pics and reports.

 The way the fishing is shaping up the Easter weekend will be a good one too.   The full moon should see plenty more Mudeyes on the go again too.

It's on again this November, The 35th Yamaha and Freshwater Fishing Snowy Mountains Trout Festival.  Dates for the week long competition are Saturday the 1st of November - Friday 7th of November 2008.

Once again prizes will include a Boat, Motor and Trailer package, Category prizes for Trolling, Spinning, Fly and Bait fishing, daily secret weight cash prizes, plus an overall secret weight cash prize.  The fishing is bound to be excellent and it is a great family orientated event.  Book your holidays early and don't miss the countries premier Trout Fishing event.


Rivers:-  Not a great deal of change in the river fishing which has still been excellent.  Levels have dropped slightly but fish numbers are still high.  The Thredbo and Eucumbene are both very clear at present which means long, light leaders and a very stealthy approach.  There is some great river polaroiding to be had when the water is very clear and the upper reaches of the Thredbo in particular have produced some really good Browns. 

On the Eucumbene the fishing has been similar to that in the Thredbo.  Searching or casting at a sighted fish with a dry has been working well in the glides and slow pools.  A dry indicator with a weighted nymph has been the best option in the faster runs at the head of pools.

Hopper patterns have been producing despite the lack of naturals on the water.  Klinkhamers and Red Humpies have been good along with Caddis and Dun style dries.  Nymphs in black, brown and hare and coppers have been great.

Lake Eucumbene:- There has still been producing some great evening and early morning fly fishing.   Mudeye hatches are occurring with some huge migrations.  Fish have been on these and other food items every night.  Some nights are better than others, but there is no doubt the fishing is very consistent at present.  Location is all important.  Bays with lots of grass weed are ideal and rocky points adjacent to these bays being very good too.  The bottom end of the lake has been excellent from Braemar through to Old Adaminaby.

The Rainbows have really put on some great condition over the last few weeks as have the majority of Browns.   

The best time still seems to be the hours either side of sunset.  There are still many bays with flooded ground so the fishing will continue for a time yet.

There is a heap of food in the water at present too with Damsels Nymphs, Corixa, Mudeyes, Snails and Caddis being plentiful and although there are still plenty of Hoppers about those that have used them are working very hard for 1-2 fish after burleying with many live hoppers.  The fish seem to be more clued in on the huge amount of aquatic life in the margins at present. 

With all the food present quality Rainbows like this one pictured below are great fun to catch.

*Chris Hammerschmid and Steve Dunn from Canberra fished Braemar for 3 nice fish. Chris got a nice Brown and Rainbow and Steve a nice Rainbow and a big Brown was dropped near shore when the hook pulled out.  Hate that! Black Muddlers were the fly to use!

*Anthony Latter and Matt Daniel from Canberra had a good weekend and caught some nice fish.  The night fishing was the best for them.  Anthony stole the show with the best fish. Pics below

*Alex and Elio from Canberra caught two Browns of 1.2 and 1.5 kg on floating foam body mudeye patterns.  They said that the mudeye hatch was unbelievable.

*Ten anglers fished the evening rise on Tuesday last week for a total of 33 fish landed.  Bear in mind this doesn't include missed takes, fish dropped, break offs etc.  Not everyone caught big numbers with some catching only 1-2 fish while others caught 7-8 fish. The vast majority ate mudeye style patterns.  Al fish were Rainbows.  That is a great session for one bay!  Peter Bright (below) displays two of the better fish he kept out of eight landed.  That is a top effort!



*Tom, Here is the photo I said I'd send you of Sunday night's fish, caught at Anglers Reach.  Think I told you when I called in yesterday that there were no fish moving and this fish was taken in the first 5 minutes.  I unfortunately had to knock it as it was completely stuffed.  I actually called it for a small rainbow as it took me into the backing twice, had that rattly rainbow feel and jumped a number of times.  The fish contained 3 yabbies and an equal number of crucian carp, but ate a mudeye pattern.  


Cheers Kieran


 Lake Jindabyne:-  Reports from Jindabyne have suggested that fishing down deep is the best bet at present.  With cooler nights the edges should fish well early in the day.   Small wets and searching with Woolly Buggers will find a few fishA Mudeye pattern after dark in the evenings should turn up a few good fish also.

Best areas to look at in Jindabyne are Kalkite, Creel Bay, Curiosity Rocks, Hayshed and Hatchery Bay.

 Lake Tantangara :-  No reports

Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:-   Reports from the lake have been fantastic.  The trolling has been brilliant.  Launching access is available at Old Adaminaby, Anglers Reach, Dam Wall and Buckenderra. With cooler conditions there should be a few more fish taking shallow running minnows and Tassie Devils this week.  It would still be worth running a down rigger or lead core as well as surface lures to cover your options.  The Love Grass problem has diminished and has made trolling alot easier.

Hi Guys,
What a weekend!
Just dropping a line to let you know how well Buckenderra is fishing.
We had 43 boats fishing in a comp over the weekend. A few that started fishing at 6am had bagged out and were back in cooking breakfast by 9am
The secret bait or lure, none,  everyone told me something different but yellow winged Tassies did get mentioned a little more than others.
The boat ramp is still in really good condition. I've attached a few photos that I thought you'd like to see

*Warren 'Pud' Pusell had 3 days of great fishing over the weekend. Trolling Tassies #36 and Y05 on three colours of lead core produced thirteen Rainbows and two Browns.  Cobrabald bay area was the best spot. Mornings were the best and the Gamakatsu single lure hook worked very well behind the Tassies.  The tent was absolutely covered in Mudeyes each morning too!

*Doug and Val Newbold from Sussex Inlet reported a mixture of Thirteen Rainbows and Browns using a variety of different methods.   They only fished in daylight hours and caught fish Trolling Tassies, Spinning off the bank with the Snowy Minnow, and on Mudeyes under a bubble.  A great trip indeed.

Crickhoppers and Rebel Hellgramite have been good especially the larger model. The yellow and green patterns has been the best colour.  Fenders with a soft plastic have been good too. Tassies in #36 and any of the yellow wing patterns seem to be the goods!

Best areas have been Anglers Reach, Seven Gates, Waiunui, Collingwood, Coppermine and Main basin.

Jindabyne:-  As in Eucumbene fishing both surface lures and lures on lead core or a down rigger is the best bet for catching a few fish.  Reports do suggest deeper rather than shallower is a little more consistent. 

*Simon Junakovic from Canberra had a late 7.45 am start on Monday but still managed a good Rainbow and an excellent 55cm Brown.  Dual depth Tassies in S12 and 36 were the best colours and the fish went hard.  All other angler in boats he spoke to had caught fish too.  Kalkite was the area fished.

The quality of some of the fish has been superb with real football like condition.  Best spots to troll have been Sids Bay, Creel Bay, Kangaroo Bay, the bank between  Sid's and Kalkite and the islands adjacent to the township.

 Talbingo:-  No reports

Baitfishing :- Mudeyes, Mudeyes, Mudeyes and dare I say it again, Mudeyes.  These are without doubt the best bait in Eucumbene at present.  While worms, grubs and Powerbait can and have produced, the better catches have been with the bubble float and the Mudeye.
There have been some good hatches this week and the fish are well and truly on them.  The last hour or two of daylight have been the best but you will get fish right through the day.  A mudeye under a bubble is the best way and greasing your line to float is a definite advantage.  You do need to keep an eye on your float at all times as the fish can sometimes be very subtle in their takes.
Light leaders and small hooks are very important also, if you are fishing during the brighter part of the day.  And running the Mudeye a little deeper at these times is also a good idea.
  Best areas in Eucumbene have been at Buckenderra, The Dam wall, Seven Gates, Yens, Old Adaminaby, Coppermine, Collingwood, Wainui, Spring wood.
In Jindabyne try Waste Point, Kalkite or the Clay pits.
We now have Bardi Grubs back in stock
Lake Levels

Eucumbene  20.6 %

Jindabyne    55.1 %

Tantangara     6.9%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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