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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 26/08/2008

Next Report August 26th.

For updates till then, please phone Mick at the store 02 6452 5538

Thanks Tom.


Headlines:  Lake Jindabyne has had some nice Browns coming in off the bank on Bait and Fly.  Lake Eucumbene has been excellent on the troll and Flyfishing has been good also.

Boat launching in Eucumbene is available at Old Adaminaby, The Dam Wall and Buckenderra.

Trout Festival 2008 - It's on again this November, The 35th Yamaha and Freshwater Fishing Snowy Mountains Trout Festival.  Dates for the week long competition are Saturday the 1st of November - Friday 7th of November 2008.

Once again prizes will include a Boat, Motor and Trailer package, Category prizes for Trolling, Spinning, Fly and Bait fishing, daily secret weight cash prizes, plus an overall secret weight cash prize.  The fishing is bound to be excellent and it is a great family orientated event.  Book your holidays early and don't miss the countries premier Trout Fishing event.


Rivers:-  Now all closed till October.

Lake Eucumbene:- Fly reports have picked up considerably on days when the weather is better.  The Anglers reach area has produced some great Rainbows. Polaroiding is still an option for Browns in the Dam Wall area or searching with a streamer on an intermediate sinking line, will find you fish during the day if visibilty is limited.  Best area to do this is the dam wall and some of the steeper shores adjacent to this.  Try using Olive Matukas, Beadhead Woolly Buggers, and nymphs.

The River end of the lake fired on the weekend with some great Rainbows being taken.  Another area for some good fishing.

*Hey Tom,
Ended up catching about 3 fish per angler (five anglers) on Sunday, all Rainbows from the river end of Eucumbene.  Fat fish, and the ones we kept were full of eggs, but empty stomachs.  The mud is something to behold, waders highly recommended, and a tea towel to dry your hands after handling fish, there is patchy snow on the ground and icy breeze.  The fish seemed to come on in the late afternoon 3 pm'ish.

Best areas to look at are Dam Wall, Collingwood, Coppermine and Old Adaminaby.

 Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne has turned on some good polaroiding for some when conditions allow.  Sunday was a good day conditions wise but only received the one report below.

My brother Chris and I did quite well polaroiding Jindy on the Sunday, landing 6 quality fish to 58cm. There were other bigger fish lost or snapped off! We saw maybe 20 odd fish, they were moving really quickly as well, which made it hard at times to get your 15ft leader through the runners and present your fly perfectly so the fish didn't spook. When hooked the fish went like steam trains and then when you thought you had them beaten they'd scream off again, awesome stuff. We used an assortment of woollies mainly smaller ones worked best and when the wind picked up the fish were harder to see but obviously more aggressive and our smashed stripped flies.Several of the fish landed had Prussian carp in their stomach's, one of the brownies had one that was at least 15cm long, this could explain why the fish were cruising faster than normal searching for more than just yabbies! All in all a pretty good day. Although, the day didn't end well with someone parking in the middle of the boat ramp, it made things fairly difficult launching on the sand. A one hour delay which made things a little more difficult when we got home.(wife wise)
Cheers mate, Craig 

The fish don't appear to be widespread, so it is best to cover as much ground as possible till you find them.  The Eastern shore early in the day and the Western shore in the early to late afternoon are the best options.  If you have a boat that will give you more shoreline access.  Don't despair if you are only on foot, as with a little persistence, you can still find fish.

With recent rain and snow falls the Thredbo river will have had higher water levels and the fish will drop out of the river back into the lake.  These fish will be looking to feed up and put some condition back on and will provide some good fun fishing when a clear sunny day prevails. 

Best flies to use in this situation are small #14 and #16 Midge Pupa, Stick Caddis, Cased Caddis, Black and Peacock Spider and larger # 8 and #10 Woolly Buggers, Jinde Specials, Olive Matukas, and Woolly Worms

Best areas to look at are Sids Bay, Hatchery Bay, Creel Bay, Kangaroo Bay, and Kalkite.


 Lake Tantangara :-  No reports on fly but the lake has continued to rise this week and will be a good option this week, weather permitting.  Be aware that access in a 2wd vehicle (and for that matter even a 4wd if it snows) can be difficult after snow and rain on the road.

Trolling and Spinning 


Eucumbene:-   Trolling reports have been quiet but the fishing will be as good as it was in last weeks report.  Big Rainbows are the main target at present both getting deep and on flatlines Depending on the conditions.  Working deeper open water will find some quality fish. 

Covering as much country as possible with a good array of different depth lures,  fished at a good speed, should find a few fish.  The Rainbows have been on Daphnia, so greenish and yellow wing lures are good options. Fish have been sounded at 30ft as a regular occurance this week, so fishing deep as well as shallow is a good idea.

Soft Plastic spinning is another method worth using in the Lake at present.  Spinning the trees on the Western shore or the Dam wall should turn up a few nice fish.  Squidgie fish are the best lures overall.

 5 cm Rapala Taildancers in Rainbow trout are back in stock and are a very good pattern to try

Ultra deep Merlins are another good diving lure that get down to a considerable depth and are great fish takers.  Browns love them.

 The new'Alex' minnow lures from Serbia are still producing too.  These lures are made with Balsa wood and are a deep diver that come in very good Trout catching colours.  Check them out. 

Launching access is available at Buckenderra, Old Adaminaby and The  Dam Wall


Jindabyne:-  No reports but the Kalkite and East Jindabyne, Sids Bay and East Jindabyne areas are well worth trying early in the day.  Try deeper with leadcore or a down rigger during the midday period.

Tantangara:- No Reports.


Baitfishing :-  Bait fishing was very good in Jinabyne with Scrub worms on the bottom taking some nice Browns.  Grubs (if you can get them) will also produce.

*Good evening,  I just spent the afternoon (2nd Aug) fishing from 2  6 pm at Kalkite, Lake Jindabyne.  Only caught one fish at 3.15 pm, weighed 1.6 kg, I think it ate both the Worm and the Powerbait.  Im pretty sure it was a Brown trout. It must have been one hungry fish, its stomach was jam packed full of yabbies.


*Gary and Laurie from the Lakeview fishing club and a couple of tough days trolling in cold, wet and miserable conditions for no fish.  They pulled up onshore to soak a couple of Scrubbies, and were rewarded with these two very nicely conditioned Browns.  These fish pretty much saved the trip.


Power Bait is still a great option and will take fish when things are quiet.  Lime Twist and Lemon Twist are very good colours, with the Gulp Pastes also a great bait to try.

There will be some great fishing for Rainbows in the next few weeks in both lakes with some really fat fish in Eucumbene and some nice ones in Jindabyne as well.

There have been a few Browns that have already spawned turning up in Eucumbene so these fish will be very hungry as they try to pu on some condition after running the river.  A good time to be soaking a bait in the Anglers Reach/Old Adaminaby area.

There are still plenty of Pre Spawn Rainbows about at the moment and these have been incredibly fat and well conditioned fish.  PowerBait is probably the pick of the baits for these fish with Orange, Sherbert and the Lime and Lemon Twists being very popular with these hard fighting fish.

It can be very cold at night and early morning but these are still the peak times to try.  Gloves and beanies are a must. 

Best areas in Eucumbene would be The Dam wall, Old Adaminaby Cemetary point, Collingwood bay areas.

 In Jindabyne try Creel Bay  Waste Point and Stinky Bay. 
Lake Levels

Eucumbene  12.7%

Jindabyne    45.4%

Tantangara     10.6%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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