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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 02/12/2008


Headlines: The fishing conditions over the weekend were challenging to say the least.  Snow fell across the higher and not so high ranges on Friday night and Saturday. Despite this there were still a number of anglers who persisted and caught fish.  Fishing should be great this week after cold front of last weekend.  We had a good drop of rain also so the lakes and rivers should have seen a little bit of a top up.

Developments regarding Gaden Hatchery.

Meeting with Hon Ian Macdonald Minister for Primary Industries Friday the 21st November.

Today we (Steve Samuels, President of the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers) and Peter Gibson (Councillor, NSW CFA) met with the Hon Ian Macdonald (Minister for Primary Industries), his chief of staff Adam Badenoch, Mr Steve Whan (MP for Eden Monaro) and the Hon Robert Brown MLC, (The Shooters Party).

Mr Macdonald explained the challenges he faces making the substantial savings necessary to recurrent spending across the entire DPI portfolio, and hence the need for consolidation of certain operations within the department.

He said that the government would only make cuts with extreme reluctance and that he was open to suggestions on how savings could be achieved and still leave Gaden as an ongoing operation.

We discussed a number of options and alternative strategies that might achieve the savings required without jeopardising the long term operation of the hatchery.

As a result Mr Macdonald agreed that there would not be any immediate decision to close or sell Gaden until the NSW CFA came back to him with a detailed list of options that we felt would be acceptable to anglers and in the best interests of the staff, local businesses and other stakeholders.

We are very encouraged by the outcome of the meeting and feel that there is genuine commitment by Mr Macdonald to keep Gaden open with the support of anglers and others in the community.

We were grateful for the support of Steve Whan and Robert Brown in these discussions and both have promised to assist us in coming weeks.

We informed Mr Macdonald that we would consult with our members and consider the opinions of all parties and meet with him again in mid December. Over the next few weeks the NSW CFA will be liaising with members and considering the opinions of all stakeholders to identify opportunities and strategies that will ensure the future of Gaden.



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The twentieth anniversary Diplomatic Fishing Tournament took place during the weekend 21-23 November 2008 at Buckenderra Holiday Village on Lake Eucumbene.

Nearly ninety participants from 9 diplomatic missions and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade together with family and friends took part (but not all fished) in this keenly contested tournament and social weekend. 

The weekend was all the more the memorable because of the atrocious weather conditions which meant that the keen and the hardy had to brace snow, hail, rain and gale force winds, as an unseasonably cold low pressure front passed over the Snowy Mountains. Some anglers were caught out on the lake during the height of the storm with virtually zero visibility and were only able to return to base guided by compass.

Not surprisingly fishing was very hard, with only 20 anglers (16 adults and 4 juniors) being successful and just 28 fish weighed-in but with a good average weight of 637 grams (since only the heaviest fish caught counts, not all fish were weighed-in).  Bait fishing was the most successful, with 13 fish caught by this method, 11 trolling, 4 on fly and 1 spinning.  .

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade won the sought-after team event with the heaviest three fish caught by its team comprising Bill Huber, Mark Chatillon and Andrew Davis totalling 2.4kg.



The Embassy of Ireland came second with the British High Commission in third place.

Francisco Herrero fishing for the Embassy of Spain won the Individual Grand Open Competition with a lovely 1kg rainbow trout caught on lime twist powerbait at Wainui Bay, while Edmund Cachia fishing for the Embassy of Afghanistan won the fly fishing trophy with a 0.7kg rainbow trout caught on a mudeye pattern at Seven Gates.

Winning fish held by Francisco and his daughter Irene.

The Individual Adults Division was taken out by Bill Huber from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with a 0.9kg brown trout caught on Tassie Devil Y82 (Canberra Killer) at Wainui Bay while trolling.

The Juniors Division (under 15 years old) was won for the second year running by Irene Herrero fishing for the Embassy of Spain with a nice 0.6kg rainbow trout caught on lime twist powerbait at Wanui Bay.





Rivers:-  Dry fly fishing has been exceptional in the local area with the fish really looking up for anything hatching or falling onto the water. With one week of warm weather the fishing has improved out of sight.  The dry might have slowed a little after the weekend of snow, but with it already warm and muggy again today as I type this, the fish won't take long to clue in on any hatches.

Beetles are starting to show, more caddis and mayflies are hatching from the streams and the fishing is still really only just begining.

Dry flies to use at the moment are small emergers like Klinkhamers, Blue wing olive parachutes, attractors like Wullfs and Stimulators, along with beetles and ant patterns.  A nymph suspended under the dry during the day is a good method to use, but a dry dusk will have beat results.

Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers have a really nice easy to fish flow at the moment and some nice browns and rainbows to be caught.

Below are a couple of photos sent in by Gary Norenbergs taken on the Murrumbidgee during the recent Fly Fishing Championships.  Makes you want to drop everything and go fishing!

Mark Bulley wading away.


Chris Dawson searching, searching.

Other rivers worth a look early in the season are the  Moonbah, Mac, Snowy, Gungarlin, and a few other smaller high country creeks.

Lake Eucumbene:-  Not a lot of change in the reports the Lake looks fantastic but the fish have not been coming in around the edges in big numbers yet.  With the edges warming and the Midges and Caddis numbers rising it won't be long before it really fires up.  Evening is the best time to hit the lake for rising fish.  Early polaroiding can be very succesful on browns when conditions are good.

A few reports suggest that the Anglers Reach, Wangrabelle Bay area have had a few fish moving of an evening right on dark.

Best areas to look are Seven Gates, Buckenderra, Braemar, Cobrabald, Waiunui, Coppermine, Collingwood, Yens, Wangrabelle, Springwood 

Night fishing will improve over the next few weeks with the rising water.  Dark flies like Craigs, Fuzzies, Phantoms, are the go.  Mudeye patterns will account for a few fish in the next week or two.

 Lake Jindabyne:-  The fishing in Jindabyne has still been quite good and better than expected. The dropping water has slowed the polaroiding for some but there are still fish around the edges that are very polaroidable. The river mouth arms seem to be the best areas. 

Night time fishing has been good with some nice reports coming in.  Muddler Minnows, Sunset flies, Fuzzy Wuzzys, Hammils and Tom Jones work very well at this time of year.

 Best areas to look at are Sids Bay, Hatchery Bay, Creel Bay, Kangaroo Bay, and Kalkite.

Lake Tantangara :

Trolling and Spinning 

 We now have Sting Cobras back in stock.

Our Rapala Minnow indent has just arrived with trout patterns from 1cm to 11cm. 

Eucumbene:-   Trolling has been challenging with many fish hanging deep at the present time.  Leadcore or a downrigger will produce better catches at the moment but you do have to work for them.  Daphnia has been large part of the diet of rainbows at present. Yellow wing tassies and green tassies are the go in this situation. 

With the possibility of a change of weather this week the fish may end up getting on the chew a little more and working in the shallower margins of the lake.

Tassie Y94, Y82, and dual depth S12 have been good this week.  Sting in glow grub have been very good.

Trout pattern minnows in Rapalas, Attacks, RMG Scorpions, Rebels, and Alex lures are great lures to try.  Try some of the larger lures down deep to search out the bigger browns.

Best areas to look at this week are the Dam wall, Main basin, Buckenderra, Seven gates and Anglers reach. 

 Boat launching in Eucumbene is available at Old Adaminaby, The Dam Wall, Anglers Reach, Buckenderra.

*Bruce Robbins caught 15 fish on a recent trip.  Most of the fish ate deep Merlins in Gold and yellows. Blades, Squidgies, Powerbait and fly all caught a fish.  Biggest was 1.5kg.

*Jerome Pagitz, Roger Derham, and Kylie Titterton fished Buckenderra and Frying pan arm for three hookups, but landing only one. Lofty's colour # 100 was the pick.

*G'day G'day to the Alpine Angler,

Well firstly, I don't think I've yet experienced such a diverse and unpredictable fishing week as that of the last. My father Ray, his friend Rod, my Uncle Ian and myself Andrew spent the week fishing the area's of Braemar Bay. After we visited your store for supplies we jumped back on the road where the conditions looked perfect, sunny warm and the wind was non-existent. That continued for a day or two, then the wind came (borderline gale force at times ha-ha) then the rain came then the snow. All day saturday it was like a winters day, cold and huge snow flakes covering our wee brown cabin making it white. It made for quite a beautiful picturesque scene.
Anyways to the fishing, we were doing it "Tonka Tuff" to say the least. There was very minimal action unfortunately not many fish were feeding close to shore which was a shame for us fly fishos. There was the odd bit of movement but not a great deal to get excited about. My Uncle and Rod pulled in a brown & rainbow on sunsets just coming up to dark after 7.30 or so. That was it for fly, then on one of the windiest days we had Uncle Ian landed a great conditioned brown while spinning a mud line with a yellow tassie devil. Which was fantastic because we had two nights to go and only one frozen dinner left. Perfect timing.
Other than the fishing being a little quiet, the weeks weather and conditions made for some enjoyable photography to happen.
Thanks for the friendly service and help while down in the store, most likely see you again in a fortnight when we next venture your way from the less than pleasant town of Sydney.
Andrew Cameron

Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne trolling reports have been scarce but there are bound to be some good fish taken by those who fish it this weekend.



Tantangara:- No Reports.

Baitfishing :-  Mudeyes are back in stock now and are producing some good fish at both Jindabyne and Eucumbene.  Bait fishing has been excellent in Jindabyne with Gulp Power bait and standard Powerbait.   Quality fish are coming in from the Rushes Bay, Waste point Kalkite and Hatchey Bay areas.

*John Pene has had a couple of good sessions in the Anglers Reach area in the last week.  Mudeyes were the best bait and some nice fat fish have hit the bank.

*Matt Sturgeon braved the wind and the cold to catch a few at Jindabyne on Sunday night.  Spinning and Powerbait caught the fish.  When asked why wasn't your brother Stuart fishing with you, the reply was 'he had his knitting class'


Power Bait is still a great option and will take fish when things are quiet.  Lime Twist and Lemon Twist are very good colours, with the Gulp Pastes in chunky cheese doing some good work.
There will be some great fishing for Rainbows in the next few weeks in both lakes with some really fat fish in Eucumbene and some nice ones in Jindabyne as well.

Best areas in Eucumbene would be Coppermine, Waiunui, Seven Gates, Braemar and Buckenderra. 

In Jindabyne try Rushes Bay, Sids,  Waste Point, Creel Bay and Kalkite
Lake Levels

Eucumbene  22.5%

Jindabyne    50.7%

Tantangara     7.3%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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