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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 17/03/2009

Headlines:  The fishing over the weekend was nothing short of fantastic.  All methods have produced and the quality of fish coming in has been excellent.

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Rivers:-  Despite the dry conditions there were some nice browns in the Eucumbene, Thredbo and Murrumbidgee.  Dry flies like hoppers and stimulators have been working very well searching during the day plus there have been some good hatches in the evenings. 

*Hello Tom,  I had a couple of fun sessions on the Thredbo River.  On Saturday I fished the section below Gaden.  I caught plenty of small rainbows on Elk hair caddis and Snowy Mountain hopper.  Nothing of any size (tiny in fact) but PLENTY of them. 

On Sunday I again fished the Thredbo but this time below the Kosciusko Rd bridge. This section also held fish but much fewer and thankfully bigger.  Again the caddis and hopper worked a treat and I landed a few small rainbows but just could not land the three decent fished I hooked.  Two decent rainbows spat the fly whilst thrashing around in the air and a very good brown just let go as I went to beach the fish.

Zero result but great fun on the dry.


Other rivers to fish are the   Moonbah, Snowy, Gungarlin, and a few other smaller high country creeks.

Lake Eucumbene:-  The lake has had huge mudeye hatches with the coming moon.  Some areas have had bigger hatches than others.  The lower end Crowe's round through to Seven Gates have been very good areas.  Old Adaminaby and Anglers Reach have been starting to produce some reasonable numbers.  Fish have been onto them most of the time and there are some great quality fish to be found.  There have been a few, not many but a few rainbows pushing 2kg.  Most of the fish are averaging 800gm - 1kg and are in excellent condition.  Any of the standard streamers will work at present.  Evening fishing with Muddlers and Mudeye patterns are generally the best.  Beadhead nymphs have been a good searching pattern in deeper water during the day.

*Lauren Smee sent in the following report 

We went fishing for three nights at Rushy Plains.
First night dad caught two one brown and one rainbow on the tc and missed a few more and I dropped one on a poodle.
Second night dad caught one and I caught one, both I think on the tc. Fish were both rainbows.
Third night I caught one on a big black poodle x muddler and dad got one on a tc also both rainbows.
There were mudeye hatches every night but the fish still arn't really onto them and they were only hatching for about 15-20 mins around 9pm.
One night there were heaps of mudeyes and hardly any fish eating them
The pic I have attached is one of the fish caught by me.

*Richard Lees, John Doherty and Neil Doherty fly fished Buckenderra to catch eight nice fish on red and black Fuzzy Wuzzys on Sunday night. Fish were between 34 and 42 cms.

*Below a cracker of a rainbow taken on fly at Eucumbene. 


*G'day Haydn,
Just thought I'd share with you a photo of my very first ever trout on a
fly! When I did manage to untangle myself from EVERYTHING around me I
did manage to hook this lil fella and another of his mate too, both
casting to rises, and miss a few other strikes. He's not very big but it
was very significant to me as the first on fly. Ain't he purdy? Very
heart in mouth, uber exciting stuff for a nube!

Anyway, thanks for the tips and putting me onto a nice patch of water.
I'm now even more keen to spend more time stumbling through the trials
and commencing my education of the vagaries of stream fly fishing, if
anything just to get more "organised" on the water first.

BTW, everything in the recent report is spot on. Fished Buckenderra and
Wainui successfully. Didn't manage to catch them on the fly (not good
enough) but spinners were workign for me and others had success with
bait. Lost a few good fish and got busted off by something BIG. The biggest I've caught is a 47cm brown and this submarine certainly felt
bigger than that. And he's still got my spinner so I'll be back for him!

Can't make it this weekend but I can't imagine it be too much longer
before my next visit. Thanks again and see ya soon.



*Below Mario with some very nice mudeye feeders.

Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne has given up a few very nice fish over the last week with browns to 4kg being caught and some very nice rainbows.  Evenings have been the best with some olive and black woolly buggers being the best pattern.  Best areas are Rushes Bay, Hatchery, Kalkite and Creel Bay.

Lake Tantangara :No reports from Tantangara.

Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:- Trolling has been good overall with many lure types producing fish.  Top water and shallow run lures are have been best but leadcore is still producing. Trout pattern minnows in Rapalas, Attacks, RMG Scorpions, Rebels, and Alex lures are great lures to try.  Try some of the larger lures down deep to search out the bigger browns.

*Alan Hocking and Col Peuker fished Friday, Saturday and Sunday out from Buckenderra landing at least 28 fish, keeping sixteen of these.  All were rainbows between 40 and 50cms.  Tassies devils took all the fish with # 65 on flat line doing well.  Leadcore with # 51 and # 67 were also very good.  Cols 50 cm fish pictured below.

*I went to Buckenderra after a quick stop at your shop on Saturday morning to pick up some flies and some advice.  I found that Buckendera was hosting  a sizeable fishing competition. Anyway.. competition aside.. I trolled up 2 rainbows in the middle of the day Sat from my kayak. Sat evening I started with a powerbait and landed a nice 1.5kg rainbow. Photo below.

The rest of the evening was a mass of flying with various mud eye patterns landing and releasing fish as they where all under 1kg.  Went to sleep about 10pm.

 I was at the waters edge at 5am and found a mass of hatching mud eyes/dragonflies. Posts, tussock grass, sticks, weeds and everything vertical was loaded with hatching spider mudeyes  which explained why the 5 fish the previous night on spider mud eye pattern occurred.

I have never in many years seen such a huge hatch.  Nor have i seen so many fish in a small area so fat.  The fish have all been in such great condition. 42cm rainbow 1.5kg.

PS allot of good fish caught around by others too..

Giles Doolan


*Richard Lees alongside Ray, John , Neil and Perce Doherty trolled up some very good fish out from Buckenderra. Fish landed were between 32 and 47 cms.  Tassie devils in olive green and orange and black were the best colours.


*G'day guys,

Here is a couple of pics from Buckenderra last weekend, there were heaps of fish caught between the group, all ours were trolling the Corroboree loftys with yellow wings & the brown bomber with yellow wings, I also got a nice rainbow on dusk trolling a mrs simpson fly.

Kind regards,

Brett Wood


*Gday mate, went to lake eucumbene last thursday for 3 nights fished a
combination of snowy minnows during the day and muddlers and mudeyes flys
after dark first arvo went out to homeleigh bay and picked up 2 nice
rainbows on the minnow and got a good rainbow on a black muddler after about

  Next night Iwent out to Rushys with good mate Mario from anglers
reach we fished his minnow and I picked up a great 1.5 kg rainbow 3rd cast
and mario got a great fish on shortly after with a big run but lost it!!!
Switched to fly at about 7pm lots of good fat rainbows chasing the millons
of mudeyes moving I got 3 fish on the muddler that all took me into the
backing!!!!Mario got 5 fantasic prime rainbows over 1.5 kgs on his "secret"
mudeye patten anyway for 3 days i got 22 fat rainbow with many lost and
busted off!!
will be returning soon!!!

cheers ben

Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne trolling reports have picked up and some nice fish are showing up.  Best lure again this week has been the teeny little Rapala CD 1 in the brown trout colour.  These trolled flatline have cleaned up again fo several anglers. 

*Hi guys.
Latest report from Jindabyne. We just camped in Kalkite Bay for 5 nights with lots of success. Catching 18 rainbows (releasing 6) on flat line Tassie devils of all colours. Averaging 32-45cm.
Brown tassie's before sun up, anything bright through the day and pink tassie at sun down were on the take.
It was a lot more productive in the colder temperatures as the trout would come to the surface more. Hot days were less productive. Fished many spots however we found Kalkite Arm the best. We could have caught more fish if we just stopped visiting Jindy pub!

Good luck all.
Lindsay & Karl.

Baitfishing :- 

Mudeyes have still been the key bait over the last week.  Though Powerbait, Scrubbies and Grubs have worked too. Spiders seem to be working the best in Eucumbene.    

Best areas in Eucumbene would be Coppermine, Buckenderra and Seven gates.
*Matt Daniel reports,  Fished Buckenderra on Saturday night with Dave and Nathan lots of fish moving on dark( feeding on mudeyes). Dave got his first on the flyafter about 5 minutes of fishing. We ended up with 9 for the night
including a genuine 3lb rainbow (caught by Dave). Trolled another 3 so
12 for the day was pretty good, all fish were in great condition

*Leigh, Debbie, DJ and Genea fished Buckenderra for three rainbows to 1kg.  Mudeyes powerbait and fly were the methods used.  DJ caught the biggest fish.
Jindabyne has also been fishing very well of an evening on the mudeyes and powerbait during the daytime.
Try Hatchery, Curiosity rocks, Claypits, Stinky Bay, and Kalkite.
Lake Levels
Eucumbene  20.7%

Jindabyne    53.4%

Tantangara    6.3%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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