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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 09/12/2009

Headlines:   Apologies for the late report this week.

Fly fishing in Eucumbene has been good to excellent depending on the weather.  There are plenty of rainbows about and the odd brown.  Cooler weather has kept the water temperature down and the fish have been on the chew.  Rivers have also been good and make a nice change from the lakes.

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Rivers:-  Have continued to fish well with plenty of fish and insects about for them to eat.  Dry fly fishing has been great in most of the mountain streams and the evening rises have been great.

*Fished the Eucumbene river with my brother in law on Sunday and despite the cool drizzly conditions there were a few fish on the go in the early afternoon. 

I managed four rainbows and a brown, while Jose landed seven rainbows.  All standard river fish in the 30-40cm range. 

Adam's Parachutes, and Elk Hair caddis were the best flies.  Water level was good and the river will fire with the right day.



*Hi Tom,
Me and my best mate Tim went up to the bidgee on the Boboyon road on the 23rd in the morining, and Tim (curly hair) got his first fish on fly and first trout that morning on a bown nymph.
I landed one rainbow and lost three on a red tag. On the 25th we went futher upstream by Bolaro and I got another rainbow and lost three more fish,
Tim also lost what was going to be his second when he lifted it out of the water by the line, forgot the net. I got all my fish and plenty of hits on the red tag and the fish Tim "released" took a brown nymph.

The Thredbo has been fishing well with some nice fish coming to the dry.

Caddis and Mayflies have been hatching in many streams so patterns representing these are good options at present.

The Moonbah, Murrumbidgee, Gungarlin, Eucumbene, Thredbo are all great rivers to have a look at over the weekend.

Lake Eucumbene:-  Fly reports have been fantastic overall with many anglers catching ten plus fish in a single evening session.  Cooler conditions have kept the fishing on the go and the fishing is set to continue for a good while yet.

Despite the dropping water there are midges in great numbers in some areas and these have attracted in many of the lakes post spawn rainbows and the odd brown too.

Hi Tom,

Here a couple of pics of Alan Sohier in action, the old fella was rapt to even be out but to get some fish just made it even more special for him. Plus the fish were all taken on the dry.


Alan reckons its about 8 years since he caught something and its at least 5 years since he went out. Euc may be falling but at least the fishing remains consistent and most likely will until early mid January, particularly if the heat stays away.

Cheers Kieran


*Fished late last week with Mick Couvee in a strong wind and storm that was moving through the area.  Despite the rough conditions we found a bay with a little shelter and a heap of fish on the go.  Fifteen fish were hooked for thirteen landed and a few missed too.  A black midge pupa was the best fly and the midge numbers were huge.  On the right night they would have balled up and provided some great dry fly action.  Still a good night despite the conditions.

*Steve Samuels has been up and getting amongst a heap over the past week.  He mentioned that the cooler weather slowed the fish down a little but the fishing was still great.

*Kieran, Stuart, Jose and Myself fished Tuesday night for ten fish landed.  Stuart did the best with five fat rainbows, Kieran landed a couple of nice browns and a rainbow, I managed two rainbows.  The fish didn't really come on that well which we thought was due to the cold southerly, but speaking to anglers who fished elsewhere on the night it may have been a case of location too. 

*On the 24th we went to the lake in the morning and fished throught the day. At about 10am I got a nice two pounder on a brown bugger with a red tag, and lost another two by lunch. 
In the evening the fishing was spectaular, there where so many rises you couldn't decided where to cast.
I got two more one pound rainbows pulling wets through rises after midge balls didn't work, at least for me, some other guys were very succsefull with them who we met. Not only was there a big midge hatch but there where spinners everywhere and the fish where leaving the water to get after them. Eucambene was great and I'm going back up on saturday for another crack.

Find the midges in numbers and you will find the fish.

If you have the chance now is the time to start fishing the lake and if you were ever keen to try your hand with a fly rod then now would be a great time to take the plunge.

Areas to look at are Wangrabelle,  Seven Gates, Buckenderra,  Mill's Point, Braemar, Springwood, Yens and Cobrabald.

Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne has been very quiet report wise though there would be some fish around the edges on dark.  May be a good option for those looking for a quality brown.

Sids and Rushes bay, Kalkite are all worth a look as is Hatchery bay, Hayshed bay and Kangaroo bay.

Lake Tantangara :No reports this week.

Trolling and Spinning 

We have a large range of great trolling and casting lures in stock for the season, including a great colour range of McGrath divers, six blade/vibe stlye lures, New Celtas in rainbow and brown trout, New Metallic Gold Rapalas, Tassies, Lofty's, Sting's, Rebel, Viking, Stumpjumper, Jack's hopper, Flatfish, Strike Pro, TT, Squidgies, Come in and pick our brains on what to use where.

Eucumbene:-  Eucumbene trolling has been pretty good for some with Tassies still taking most of the fish.  Down deep with leadcore or a downrigger is the best bet once the sun is up.  Fishing in close early has been o.k


We now have in stock  larger rapalas favoured by the big trout specialists. Trout patterns in the 11 and 13 cm models and some of the larger jointed minnows again in trout patterns.  Fished deep or 'rip and drift' theses lures will take bigger fish.

Casting celtas at rising fish off the front of the boat while trolling, has been effective for some.  The black and copper CLN has been the pick.

Tassies, cobras and vibes on leadcore are a great option. 

Boat Launching is available in many areas.  Anglers Reach, Buckenderra, Old Adaminaby, Dam wall.  

Best areas to try would be Anglers Reach, Dam Wall, and Buckenderra.

Jindabyne:- Jindabyne has continued to troll well over the last week with leadcore being the pick of the methods.

Trolling in the Kalkite and East Jindabyne area is a good place to start at present. Around the township and deep drop off cliffs on the eastern side are great places to find some good browns. Creel bay and the Waste point area is another area worth working.


The bait fishing in Eucumbene has been good with many anglers catching a couple per session.  Orange nuggets, lime twist and lemon twist have been the best colours overall with chunky cheese gulp being a popular colour too.

Cooler days and evenings have provided better fishing with scrubworms and grubs over the past week.   Mudeyes have been a good option for right on dark and if it has been a warmer day and the evening is the same, these would be the best bait in the evenings.

During the day scrubworms, grubs or powerbait will work. 

*Hi Guy's,
Just a quick report on the trip me and a couple of mates had at old Eucy this week.
Left Melbourne at 11.30am on Wednesday 25th November and arrived at Cooma after a few stops at about 6.30pm. Alpine Angler closed for the day and no Mudeyes at any of the servo's OHH NO.
Being a bank fisho, fishing mudeyes under a float is my prefered method, I was in strife and had no confidence in casting out some yellow blob and just hoping a fish will commit suicide. Had no choice so we got to the waters edge at Braemar Bay at 7.30pm. My good bud Shannon I call the eager beaver started casting a pink Tassie Devil before I had put my gear on the ground and I hear SPLASH, a nice
Rainbow about 1 1/2 Pound on his very first cast, I can't believe it. So without unpacking anything properlywe are both flicking lures but no joy. As a matter of fact that was it for the first night and I couldn't help but wonder, what if I had my trusty mudeyes.
Day 2, down by the water at 5am with powerbait and scrubbies. NOT A SNIFF. Thats it we are going into town to get Mudeyes. Back at the waters Edge at 5pm with mudeyes and what do you know, a beutiful little Rainbow within 20 minutes, follwed by a Brown that went 2 1/2 pound and another few small yearlings that I was happy to see swim back to their Mums un harmed. Gee I love fishing with Mudeyes.
Day 3 moved up the bank a bit further this morning and landed a beautiful Brown swimming in the shallows and got another on scrubbies on the bottom.
In the afternoon got another 2 and let about 3 more young ones go, all in all the fishing is consistent without being mind blowing. Weather conditions were a bit blowy at times so keeping your float out just means casting it back into position every few minutes.
Saturday morning was really blowing so fished for about 2 hours for one more small one and decided to head for home a day early, but had a great time. Another week or two and it will be going ballistic, just leave some for when I come back next year will ya.

There are hundreds of likely looking bays, soaks and corners in the lake at present but the ususal haunts of Seven Gates, Buckenderra, Yens Bay, Cemetary point and Anglers Reach are the pick of the areas overall.

Jindabyne has been a little quiet report wise but will produce some excellent bait fishing as over the weekend.  Mudeyes Grubs, and Powerbait will be the pick there.

Try areas like Rushes Bay, Hatchery Bay, The Clay pits, Curiosity rocks and Kalkite.


Lake Levels

Eucumbene   34.6%

Jindabyne    60.2%  

Tantangara     9.1%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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