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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 22/12/2009


  Fly fishing in Eucumbene has been good to tough with the last few days hot weather having an effect on the fishing.  Pray for some rain and cooler weather.  Jindabyne has fished a little better on the fly with some quality fish and Bait anglers have been getting a few also.


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Rivers:-  Have continued to fish well with plenty of fish and insects about for them to eat.  Dry fly fishing has been great with plenty of varying sized fish being caught.  The rivers have been a little more consistent than the lakes and can make make a welcome change.

There are a myriad of smaller streams that have been fishing well of late and certainly dries have been very effective.  Light rods, light tippets and small flies are the go for some good fun in these waters.

Caddis and Mayflies have been hatching in many streams so patterns representing these are good options at present.

There have been many productive patterns worth using of late.  Try Wullfs, Humpys, klinkhamers, parachute adams, elk hair caddis, blue wing olive, greenwells glory, black epoxied foam beetles and parachute caddis.

The Moonbah, Murrumbidgee, Gungarlin, Eucumbene, Thredbo are all great rivers to have a look at over the next few weeks.

*Have fished the Euc and Thredbo rivers myself over the past week with both sessions proving successful.  Evening on the Euc was good with numbers of fish moving and taking elk hair caddis and Adams patterns.  Early morning on the Thredbo was excellent with both rainbows and browns coming to the dries.  Beadheads under a stimulator also took a couple of rainbows and the stimulator itself got smashed on a couple of occasions.

Lake Eucumbene:-  Fly reports have still been good though the hot weather has meant that the evening rise has been late and short.  Water temps are up a little and this has slowed the fishing around the edges during the day.  Midges are extremely plentiful and is the only reason the fish are coming around the edges of an evening when the sun has dissappeared.  Beadhead nymphs or other weighted patterns would be the best during the day and fishing deep with possibly a sinking line would be a great option. Midge pupa and balls on dark and into the night have worked well overall.

Late fishing with streamers should still take a few though reports have been scarce of late from anglers who use this method.

*Stuart Sturgeon managed 11 fish in an afternoon last Sunday on beadhead nymphs.  The fish didn't move till right on dark and the nymph took fish while searching the bay.

*Fished Tuesday (15th) and last night (16th) in the Middilingbank arm for four hook ups on Tues and five last night.  All fish ate midge balls and were caught in near darkness when the fish finally started to move.  Fishing prior to 8:15 was very quiet.  Mick and Jose also hooked a few on theTuesday.

*Anglers fishing in the Cobrabald area on the weekend reported some good catches of ten or more fish in a session.  Midge patterns were the pick of the flies.

It can take several trips to work out where and what the fish are up to, so it pays to keep trying.  If you are lucky and the weather conditions are favourable some great fishing can be had.

Areas to look at are Wangrabelle,  Seven Gates, Buckenderra,   Braemar, Springwood, Yens and Cobrabald.

Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne has produced some much better fishing for a few anglers over the past week.  Early morning has been good with anglers reporting some very well conditioned rainbows in the 1 to 1.5kg range and the evening fishing as produced for some too.

*Hi Tom, 

Had an interesting session down in front of the town at Jindabyne this evening.  I was stripping a black Muddler Minnow on just on dark.  Had 4 strikes in 30 minutes, the first three missed.   Forth time lucky, the hook found the spot and a 3.45kg Brown exploded out of 4 inches of water, about 6 feet from my feet.   Talk about get the adrenlin running.  After a 10 minute slug fest with the fish swimming parallel to the bank, leader on the rod& leader back off the rod& half a dozen times or so.   Next issue&my net was looking rather small.  I managed to push the fish out of the water with my net. 

My best Brown to date at just over 67cm long.  Not quite a ten pounder& but getting close.



Sids and Rushes bay, Kalkite are all worth a look as is Hatchery bay, Hayshed bay and Kangaroo bay.

Lake Tantangara :No reports this week.

Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:-  Eucumbene trolling has been quiet report wise and with the hot weather downrigging and leadcore trolling will do best.  Deep diving minnows on light line will get down and be succesful too.  Small stumpjumpers, Ultra deep merlins and mgraths are good options.  Rapala jointed shad raps in small sizes will also take fish.

Tassies, Lofty's and Stings on leadcore or a downrigger will take fish.  Any of the yellow wing patterns are ideal but darker purples and blacks do enjoy success when fished deep.

Boat Launching is available in many areas.  Anglers Reach, Buckenderra, Old Adaminaby, Dam wall.  

Best areas to try would be Anglers Reach, Dam Wall, and Buckenderra.

Jindabyne:- Jindabyne has continued to troll well over the last week with leadcore being the pick of the methods.

Trolling in the Kalkite and East Jindabyne area is a good place to start at present. Around the township and deep drop off cliffs on the eastern side are great places to find some good browns. Creel bay and the Waste point area is another area worth working.


The bait fishing in Eucumbene has been good with many anglers catching a couple per session.  Powerbait in your favourite colour has been taking plenty of good fish and mudeyes fished deep or off the bottom is the other best bait at the moment.

There are hundreds of likely looking bays, soaks and corners in the lake at present but the ususal haunts of Seven Gates, Buckenderra, Cobrabald, Yens Bay, Cemetary point and Anglers Reach are the pick of the areas overall.

*Matt Sturgeon with a nice rainbow taken on a mudeye. 

He also hooked,  landed  and dropped a couple of other fish as well.

* Tanya Beckmann emailed this photo of Liam Stanger who caught a 42cm, 900 gram rainbow trout on Saturday the 12th at Buckenderra around 6-7pm.

It was his first time at Buckenderra and he was quit happy
to catch one. Tanya and Ken and were not as lucky on the night.

*Lauren and Josh Davis from Queanbeyan had a good night catching a 40 and 44 cm rainbows at Buckenderra on the weekend.


Jindabyne has been a little quiet report wise but will produce some excellent bait fishing as over the weekend.  Mudeyes Grubs, and Powerbait will be the pick there.

Try areas like Rushes Bay, Hatchery Bay, The Clay pits, Curiosity rocks and Kalkite.


Lake Levels

Eucumbene   34.4%

Jindabyne    59.5%  

Tantangara     7.4%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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