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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 18/08/2010


Fishing for trollers and bait fishers has again been very good over the weekend.  Flyfishing reports have been scarce but there will be som very good fishing in Jindabyne coming up as the lake continues to rise.

The Snowy Mountains Trout Festival is on again this year Sat 30th October to Fri 5th November are the dates. for more details.

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card.  Click on this link below. 

Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT.  We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only. 


Rivers:- Now all closed.  Re open October 2nd 2010.

Lake Eucumbene:-  Fly reports have been quiet though there are fish to be caught in many areas.  You do have to actually go fishing to catch them.

Suggest nymphs and olive streamers fished slow on the rainbows and if polaroiding a brown or two small nymphs or small streamers in sz 10.

Best areas to try would be the Dam wall, Seven Gates, Collingwood and Coppermine bay.  A boat would be an advantage at present.

Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne reports have been ok for those who searched with wets on the weekend.  Conditions for polaroiding have not been ideal but there still is the odd fish poking around.

Try Hayshed, Sids, Waste point and Kalkite.


Lake Tantangara :Reports have been quiet from the lake on the fly front. 

Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:-  Eucumbene trolling reports have been very good with a few boats catching some nice fish.

*Jay and the boys had another good time on the weekend with some more nice fish on the troll out of Buckenderra.

Below, Richard Dawson caught these nice browns

Dan caught this nice rainbow too.

Overal the lake has been fishing very well on the troll with both flatline and leadcore producing fish.

The Coppermine and Collingwood bay areas are good places to troll currently along with the Braemar and Dam Wall area of the lake.  The Angler's Reach area is also worth a look and drifting and spinning lures cast in towards shore will work well.


*Hi Tom,

Trolled around East Jindabyne on Friday, and my friend Nick got this brown on a pink dual-depth Tassie. 

It was his first trout in Australia.Got two more browns after dark on chartreuse power bait.  It was very cold J

Marty Harris


Bait fishing has been excellent with some nice reports of rainbows being taken on powerbait and grubs.  

Powerbait is now back in stock after a short supply issue.


*Jason Mcpherson and Andrew Lemmey had a good session in Eucumbene on the weekend catching ten fish between them.  Nine rainbows and one brown were landed on Powerbait with Jason catching the 2.6kg brown picuted below.

Good fishing indeed.

Best locales to try in Eucumbene continue to be Seven Gates, Buckenderra, Cobrabald, Wangrabelle, Homeleigh Bay and the Dam wall.


Jindabyne reports were again quiet this week, though there have been a few browns cruising the edges at times.  With the weed beds further out with the rising water casting a bait out further should increase your chances.


Try areas like Rushes Bay, Hatchery Bay, The Clay pits, Curiosity rocks and Kalkite.

Lake Levels

Eucumbene   19.8%

Jindabyne      61.9%  

Tantangara      10.7%

Cheers Tom

Got any reports from the local lakes or rivers?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.



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