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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 31/01/2011

Headlines Fishing has been very good on the whole with some excellent river fishing for fly anglers, great bait fishing and fly fishing in the lakes.


Rivers:- Are still fishing very well with water levels being excellent.  Warmer weather has got terrestrials on the go with beetles and hoppers starting to show in better numbers.  The cooler conditions this week have not hurt the fishing in any way.  Mayfly hatches have been good on the Eucumbene with the Thredbo having some good caddis hatches from reports had.

Other streams worth prospecting are the Moonbah, Gungarlin, Little Thredbo, Snowy and Murrumbidgee.

Best dries have been Elk hair caddis, foam black and green beetles, stimulators, humpy, Wulffs, klinkhamer, adams parachute, red tag and deer hair beetles.  Small blue dun or greenwells glory have been good for the mayfly hatches.

Nymphs that are working have been pheasant tails, gold ribbed hares ear, black and brown beadheads and blue copper johns.

Lake Eucumbene:-  Has risen to 29.1% and should continue to rise for a few weeks yet as long as we get a little bit more rain in the catchment. 

Plenty of rainbows have been caught of late with fish condition improving in some areas.  Stomach contents have included snails, beetles, hoppers, midge, stick caddis, mudeyes and dragonflies.

*Robyn Hides had a blinder session recently landing twenty six fish in and evening session in the Middilingbank area.  Believe all were rainbows and will be a session that won't be forgotton in a hurry.

*Kieran, Stuart, Matt and myself had a evening session last week landing nineteen between us.  The fish were up on caddis on dark with plenty to cast at.  Most were small fish, though Kieran did get smoked in the grass by what was thought to be a big brown.

*George Hardiman and Peter Bright had a evening session on Sunday with George landing five to Peter's one.  Beadhead nymphs were the best fly.  A snake was also encountered and is a reminder that with all the frogs around the edges you need to keep an eye out for them.

*Fished a morning session on the weekend landing ten by 10.30.  Fish were rising before the sun got up and a midge pupa was working well on them.  As the sun got high switching to a beadhead proved a winner and caught the majority of the fish.


*Fished again last night with Stuart and we landed seven between us.  Beadheads scored well and also muddlers.  The wind and grass played havoc with us a little but we still managed to catch a few.

Below a rainbow with virtually no spots at all.  A very different looking fish.

*Alan Grey caught this very fat brown on the weekend.  One of fifteen fish caught for the session.

Browns have still been in excellent condition and have been on yabbies in a big way.  A few have been seen chasing dragonflies on the wing and it is a great sight seeing two to three kilo fish launching out of the water.  They are still taking small flies but a large streamer would be a good bet to chase these fish.  Beetles patterns are also a good option if you can spot a fish working in close.

Fast stripped or slowly worked beadhead nymphs are working well during the day on rainbows, with stick caddis, midge pupa or unweighted nymphs working well during the evenings.  Beetle patterns on hot days may also be worth using as a few more beetles are starting to show on the water.

In some areas fish have been on snails so they are worth having in the box along with some klinkmers if the fish are on individual midge.

Fishing is excellent in the Middilingbank and Seven Gates areas and a few reports suggest the Angler's Reach area has picked up.

Lake Jindabyne:-  Jindabyne reports have been quiet over the past week.  The one report we have had suggests tough fishing and more fish working in the morning than evenings.  This may depend on the day though. 

Lake Tantangara : Has started to drop and may well help the fishing as the lake had risen perhaps to rapidly with the rain of two weeks ago.  There are still numbers of midge, damsels and beetles but the fishing has been tough overall. Quality of the fish has been excellent but finding some that are feeding consistantly has been hard.  Best flies will be small nymphs both beadhead and unweighed, stick caddis, caddis pupa, midge pupa, black and peacock spiders and woolly worms and buggers.

Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:-   Eucumbene trolling reports have been better with both flat lining and leadcore working well.  Drifting love grass has been playing havoc with props and troll lines in some areas.

Tassies have been working very well in the early hours in close. 

Most of the fish being caught have been rainbows but there is always the chance of a brown.

Small Attack minnows in pink have accounted for several fish for one group while brown trout rapalas have been great for another boat.

Browns have been on yabbies overall so a deeper bodied minnow like the Rapala Jointed Shad Rap in 5 cm will get down and is a cracker for targeting these larger aggressive fish.


Jindabyne:-  Trolling has been good in Jindabyne with some super fat rainbows being taken both on shallow run lures early and by those using leadcore or a downrigger.

Best report was five rainbows to 1.2kg and a brown around the kilo mark.  Fish have had plenty of go in them.

Spinning off the bank has also been good on the right day.  Two anglers had a fun time throwing tassies around the clay pits landing six nice fish.  Yellow wings was the best colour.


*Luke Despoja manged 2 two nice fish on three colours of lead core around Lion and Cub Islands.  Yellow Freddo was the best colour.

Bait Fishing

We have a large range of Powerbait and Gulp in stock with many rainbows still being caught on a range of colours.  Chunky Cheese, Sherbert Burst and Lime twist and lemon twist are still the standouts. 

Best baits on Euc have been the above powerbaits and scrub worms.  Seven Gates has been fishing very well as has Buckenderra. 

There have been a few good catches on mudeyes.  We have had varying supply but are working well if you can get them.

*Georgia Sturgeon had a good night out with her dad when she hooked five and landed four nice rainbows in the Buckenderra area. 

The first bait out took all of five minutes to go off.  Lemon twist powerbait was the best colour.  The fish pictured was full of mudeyes some of which were still alive.  Some good hatches to come in coming days and weeks. 

Jindabyne has also fished well with plenty of good fishing to be had. Curiosity rocks and Hatchery being good locations to try.


Lake Levels

Eucumbene   29.1%

Jindabyne      83.0%  

Tantangara    37.2%


FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card.  Click on this link below. 

Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT.  We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.

*There is a new webcam at Old Adaminaby that will give you a look at conditions on the water there.  The camera pans and zooms giving a visusal on the water conditions. Llink below.

on the water there.  The camera pans and zooms giving a visusal on the water conditions. Llink below.

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