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Archive Date: 13/05/2011



Reports have been good again this week.  Check out the angler reports and photos weve received.


From May 1st both theses rivers have a bag limit of one fish per angler and this fish must be 50cm or larger. Fish under 50cm must be released.


FISHING LICENCES are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.

Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.




It is that time of year when the browns will start to make an appearance in the Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers as they run to spawn. While it may be a little early, reports suggest that there are a few fish doing their thing already.

Glo bugs and nymphs will be the standard patterns of choice but you could also include a few woolly buggers as well.

Nymphing will be the best method when conditions are cool on all the other streams in the area. If you happen to jag a day when there is a large high pressure system with a windless warmer day then, you may still find a few fish will take a dry.


The big Eyed boys have been out again at Eucumbene BOY DONT THEY LOOK HAPPY


Trolling and Spinning




Trolling has been good overall with many lure types producing fish. Trout pattern minnows in Rapalas, Attacks, RMG Scorpions, Rebels, and blades are great lures to try. Try some of the larger lures down deep to search out the bigger browns.


Tassies and Stings are a great method on the lake. Try pinks and yellow wingers  like # 89, 36 and S12, 55, Y48,  Dual depth versions of these colours on flat lines would be a good option also.


Best areas are Buckenderra , seven gates , anglers Reach


Steve Creasey Wrote:


We fished Anglers Reach arm last week for my better half to find some nice browns about. She out did me again using her favourite little crickhopper lure. One on the left weighed in at 3.44 Kg ( and the other 2.9 Kg (6.4 lb)

Plenty of smaller fish about for both trolling and bait. Worth a look around this area.


Jacqui from Buckenderra wrote:


This weekend, we have 56 fishermen from Griffith and Tumut, having their own fishing competition. Some have arrived a few days early to check out the fishing. Glen caught 15 trout today trolling on a yellow wing brown bomber.

Chris caught a great looking fat brown trout on 24/4/11 weighing 2.78kg (ungutted) and 57cm. Bait used - a mudeye. His son followed up with another large brown the following day.

Emily & kaylee caught 16 rainbows and 1 brown trolling with Tassie Devil 67, all pan size - great eating.

Tralee Snape Wrote:

I watched my husband for 35 years of his commercial fishing life catch some pretty incredible fish but what can beat the feeling I had catching my first rainbow on a fly and I tied it myself- a woolybugger. It's a wonder that the boys at Alpine Angler didn't hear me from Frying Pan. I must admit Paul Hewson a real slick fly fisherman took a bit of time out from bowling over his 4 fish in quick succession to steer me in the right direction. Paul caught one of his fish on another of my flys -a green nymphs. Can fishing get any better?

most fly fishoes at frying pan were getting around 2 or 3 fish about a kg. some blokes were getting 5or 6 and just on dark are bloke had a good fish cant tell you how big it mite have been as we havent been trout fishing that long but he was an average height man and the fishes tail was just on the ground when he was carrying it by the gills.




Mudeyes have still been the key bait over the last week. Though Powerbait, Scrubbies and Grubs have worked too.  Couters seem to be working the best in Eucumbene.


Best areas in Eucumbene would be Buckenderra and Seven gates.  Powerbait is getting good numbers of fish. Remember to fish it on the bottom but with a light gauge short shank hook, like the Gamakatsu single egg in a sz 6 are perfect.


Best colours have been the Chartreuse, Sherbert and Chunky Cheese nuggets working the best. Scrub worms should account for some good browns over the next few weeks.


Best areas are Buckenderra , anglers Reach , old Adaminaby , seven gates


Lake Jindabyne. 

Jindabyne has been great in the evenings with some very nice rainbows on dark.  There have been some really good browns starting to cruise the edges and these have been suckers for a small woolly bugger.  There is a heap of weed in many of the bays and though this is making fishing a little tough it is also drawing the fish in to the food that it holds. 


Jindabyne trolling reports have been pretty good in the Kalkite and waste point area along with the eastern side around Sids bay.

Best lures are Tassie 55 ,Y48 , Freddo Y , Y36, Y94. Strike pro Blades, rainbow Rapala, Duel Depth tassies


Scottie McAuliffe Wrote:

Spent the majority of last week up in the mountians. We fished Jindy (Creel Bay) on Tuesday morning for only 6 small Atlantic Salmon. 

Wenesday morning we fished Anglers reach at Eucumbene for 24 rainbows and 1 brown. All fish were in pretty good condition. 

Thursday saw us head to Tantangra, which was unbelieveable... 72 fish in 7 hours. The condition of the fish was superb, with numerous 5.5lb rainbows being trolled up. Could not believe how good it was. 

Each afternoon was spent spinning a stream or river in the area and all produced numerous fish. The spinning highlight was firday mornings session at Providence, which saw us land 7 really good Browns in about 1 hour. 

We used our Hobie Outbacks to fish the impoundments, and were once again impressed by their perfomance, especially in among the flats at Tantangra! 

Yellow wing Tassies & Lofty's were definate standouts in the impoundments, but small minnows like the Rapala f5's worked well too! Celtas and soft plastics acounted for most fish in the rivers and streams. The Berkely T-tail soft plastic accounted for the majority of good browns... we did have to shorten them up by about 10-15mm in order to increase the 'strike to hook up' ratio. 

Total number of fish caught was 172 between three blokes! Not a bad weeks fishing.

Tantangra report:



The Sturgeon family recorded this mixed bag while out with their dad.


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