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Archive Date: 07/06/2011


The fishing has generally been good with some nice catches on Powerbait continuing in Eucumbene and some good river fishing with fly.

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*Remember that from the 1st of May the size and bag limit changes in the Eucumbene and Thredbo Rivers. From May 1 you may only keep ONE fish OVER 50cms per day in these waters. Fisheries will be very active this season in these waters so make sure you stick to these rules and have your fishing licence with you while fishing.


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Have been topped up with some good rain over the weekend. . This has seen both the Thredbo and Eucumbene rivers rise and become slightly dirty but they will clear quickly and both have fished well already.

The Eucumbene River has fished very well with some good browns being taken. There have also been a few Rainbows showing.

Overall nymphs have been best with black, hare's ear and pheasant tails being the pick alonge with a Glowbug. 

River mouth fishing is well worth a try of an evening with the onset of the spawn run. Large streamers like a Fuzzy Wuzzy or Wooly Bugger on a slow sink or sink tip line are a great way to get amongst some big Browns.


Andrew Stonehouse:


Fished Eucembene River on Sunday and caught a couple of nice browns. Ben Stonehouse, 10 years old from Kambah ACT,see photo, caught his first trout on a small sinking minnow, I think its called a cd5 Rapala. 

I caught the other brown on a black nymph trailing a small pink nymph tied by Kieran O'Shannasy. River was very clear and low. Just a trickle coming out of the Portal. Ben tried to catch one out of the portal, some huge fish in there! I think those Portal fish have seen a few lures lately and there not silly!

Had a great day fishing, back next weekend.

Lake Eucumbene

Fly reports have varied over the past week. Daytime fishing has genereally been the best with the evenings and night time fishing a little slow. Bead head nymphs fished slow and deep have been the best fish takers of late.

There have been some nice rainbows being caught for those who put a bit of time in.

Best areas have been Seven Gates, Buckenderra and Rushy Plains, with some fish also at Braemar, the dam wall and Anglers Reach.


Rob Dickins Wrote:

Just thought Id give you a quick update as we were down at Eucumbene last Thursday through Sunday. Although we only have the one photo ( of me )  to include .

We have a yearly trip to Eucumbene appropriately called the Eucumbene Classic . Its attended by Simon Muirhead , Rob Dening , Bill sniper Reynolds and myself Rob Dickins . The weather over the 3 days was generally fine and we caught close on 60 fish - all released bar one which we smoked  delicious  . Whilst we had a look at the Eucumbene river on the morning of first day it was clear the area from the river mouth up to and past the portal had been well trafficked  very few fish and those we did see very spooky . So in the afternoon we decided to fish the river mouth entrance and below the by boat . The afternoon evening glassed right off and an amazing rise was evidenced  a lot of these fish were in very shallow water around the edges of the lake . Whilst these fish were hard to catch with dries we hooked caught and lost plenty stripping a combination of bead head nymphs & woolly buggers . We ended up with roughly 20 for the evening all in the 1 - 1.5kg size and virtually all were Rainbows .

Needless to say we ventured back up to the top end of the lake for the next 2 days with similar success . We saw plenty of people trolling apparently without anywhere near the success we had with the flyrod in hand . We left the best for last as Sunday dawned overcast and windy . The fish however were certainly none the wiser , in fact they were overly active for that time of the day again smashing bead heads & woollys stripped at speed  20 plus fish again in 3 hrs  a great finish to the trip before we got blown off the lake and headed back to Sydney after lunch .

I suspect the moment the area gets rain the river will fire but in the meantime anywhere towards the top of the lake from Anglers Reach is the way to go.


Andrew Badullovich Wrote:

Over the three days, we stopped counting when the figure got to 145 trout!!! The majority of these were released, with all ten anglers taking their quota. Eating some tonight :) 

Most came on power bait. All colours were working, however, chunky chartruse and lime twist were stand-outs. The fish were doing the normal thing, being in close early and late in the day...with them heading deeper through the thick of the day. 

Spining from the shore with celtas and squidgy soft plastics was very too was tossing small bibbed minnows back into the shore and slow rolling them from hobie kayaks. Targeting boulders, and sudden drop-offs worked a treat, with the rapala X-raps (4cm), cu`ltiva mira shads, cranka shads and atomics crank-baits all producing good fish. 

The fly fishing was absolutely spectacular! During the day...bead head nymphs were worked deep and slow, with this method scoring some solid fish, but it was late in the evening and into the night when the action came thick and fast. Still using the bead head nymphs in green, and hare'n'copper, along with black mudeye patterns, we were able to knock up quite a tally with a super fast retrieve. Presenting alongside, and even into the thistles, we then stripped like crazy until the line came tight. The sound of a fiesty rainbow taking to the air among the thistles was nothing short of heart-stopping, and they were a real handful to land on 4lb tippet!

Early in the mornings, i experienced some fantastic sight fishing, presenting nymphs to tailing trout in the shallows and among the thistles. This was the best sight fishing i've endured, and on the sunday morning i caught and released 7 rainbows in a short one hour session!


Buckenderra continues to fish well. Grubs, powerbait - the usual -  Chunky Cheese, Rainbow Candy & Orange Pulp.  Team O.T.Y. caught 64 trout in 5 days. A lot were released. 11 caught trolling and 53 caught off the bank on powerbait.

Two of our regular fly fishermen (who wont reveal their names) caught 27 Rainbow Trout on Nymph's. Their fish were 40-50cm long. "The fishing was hard work, but worth the effort", they said.


Lake Jindabyne

Jindabyne has been great in the evenings with some very nice rainbows on dark. There have been some really good browns starting to cruise the edges and these have been suckers for a small woolly bugger. There is a heap of weed in many of the bays and though this is making fishing a little tough it is also drawing the fish in to the food that it holds.

Best fly's have been black woolly buggers, B/H Nymphs black,

Best areas are Snowy Arm, Waste point and Kalkite


Lake Tantangara

Although slowing, this week it is still more than worth a look. The edges will be the place to fish with small wets and nymphs.


Trolling and Spinning

Eucumbene:- Trolling has been good overall with many lure types producing fish. Leadcore in deeper water has been a good producer over the last two weeks. . Trout pattern minnows in Rapalas, Attacks, RMG Scorpions have worked well with Tassies in multitudes of patterns turning up some great fish. Tassies 55,36,27,48,Y92,Y36,Y48, strike pro blades are working very well.

Best areas are buckenderra, seven gates, anglers Reach.

"Buckenderra is by far the Best fishing"



Scrub worm and powerbait fishing has been great over the weekend. Best colours in the powerbait have been have been the Rainbow and Sherbert nuggets along with Scrub worms have been doing very well over the last week as well. 

Eucumbene has picked up with some good fish this week especially from the Seven gates area.  Look for soaks and drop offs for best results. 

Areas that will fish well are Seven Gates, Bukenderra, Anglers Reach, The Dam wall and Braemar area and the Yens bay area.

Best areas in Eucumbene would be Coppermine, Buckenderra and Seven gates.

Try Hatchery, Curiosity rocks, Claypits, Stinky Bay, and Kalkite in Jindabyne.

Lake Levels

Eucumbene   34.5%

Jindabyne      81.6 %  

Tantangara    12.7%


Adrian Kent Wrote:


The Albury Commercial clubs Fishing section  fished Talbingo for the weekend and the results were rainbows up to 580gm and a few browns a bit smaller most fish caught up near the wall on pink and green tassies flat lining early and then down to 40ft . Most anglers caught 3-5 fish for the weekend,  it was hard work .



Trout Festival



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