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Archive Date: 07/07/2011

Headlines: Some excellent fishing on the weekend in the lakes. Rivers are now closed to fishing but the lakes remain open year round and will continue to fish well right through winter.

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card.  Click on this link below. 

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Rivers:- Now all closed.  Re open October  2011.

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Fly Fishing

Lake Jindabyne:- 

Jindabyne has been great in the evenings and there is plenty of good polaroiding opportunities when the weather is good.  Searching with a woolly bugger will produce a few nice ones or just wander the bank looking for fish and cast a small wet or nymph at any fish found cruising.  There is still a heap of weed in many of the bays that is drawing the fish in to the food that it holds. Best areas are the snowy arm, kalkite, waste point, poo bay, Best flys woolly bugger black, B/H nymphs, remember pick your days and the fishing should be good start walking and you will see some good brown in close.

Lake Eucumbene:-  

The lake has been a little better in the Anglers Reach area with a few good rainbows and browns being taken in the evening.  The fish are not coming in for very long, but there have been some good browns and rainbows being caught.  Most are around the 900gm to 1 kg mark.  Fish quality has been excellent.  There are still enough of those fat browns around to keep most anglers happy. If you are fishing out off a boat there have been good fish caught close to the shore.

Best flies have been woolly buggers, mountain shrimp, fuzzy wuzzy, woolly worms and beadhead nymphs Best areas have been Seven Gates, Cemetary point, Anglers Reach and Buckenderra. 

Lake Tantangara :-


A good number of fish cruising the edges early and late at present so well worth a look.

Best flys are B/H Nymph and wooly buggers.


Trolling and Spinning 


Jindabyne has produced few reports this week.  There are still some good fish to be caught in Jinde but early starts are the key to catching them especially when the weather is super calm.  some nice fish taken trolling around the outside of the weed beds in many of the bays.   Blade lures and stiffy lures would do well on the big browns as will the rainbow squidies lures. 

Tassie Devils 48, Y36, Y48, Y82, Y90, YFR, 26, PP, strike pro blades, Rainbow Squidgies.



Trolling has been good overall with many lure types producing fishLeadcore in deeper water has been a good producer over the last two weeks.  . Trout pattern minnows in strike pro blades, Attacks, RMG Scorpions, Rebels, and rainbow squidgies are great lures to try.  Try some of the larger merlin lures down deep to search out the bigger browns.

Tassie Devils 27, Y36, YFR, 55, Y48, strike pro blades






The bait fishing in Eucumbene has been very good with Powerbait taking some good catches.  Worms under a bubble float have come into their own now with the cooler weather Rainbows are loving Powerbait and Scrubbies in the Buckenderra arm and also Seven Gates with many anglers catching their bags.  Lime twist, Fl.Orange, chunky chartreuse, Rainbow candy has been the popular favourite this week. Best areas are Seven Gates, Buckenderra, Cobrabald, Wangrabelle, Homeleigh Bay and the Dam wall.




Bait fishing has been excellent with some good catches of mostly   Rainbows in Jindabyne.  Powerbait and Scrubworms have been the best baits. Areas to look at in Jindabyne are Kalkite, Hatchery Bay, Creel Bay, Sids Bay, Clay Pits, Stinky Bay and Hayshed Bay.

Best powerbait. Pink nuggets, Fl Orange, Lime Twist, Rainbow Candy.


{1} Johnny Scrubworm and bill hemphil fished Adaminaby with fish up to 2.6kg under excellent conitions using taihade tickler and craigs nighttimes

9 fish released.gut content all fish with yabbies.


{2} a recent outing with Johnny Palmano and dave xuereb of Sydney with erlyy fish cought at coppermine on worms.


{3} a recent trip at Collingwood bay produced some good rainbows and 1x brown to 1kg with john plombit and Johnny palmano up for the challange.


{4} 4x nice rainbows landed by Johnny scrubworm on B/H black nymph at buckenderra during a freezing S/Easterly wind and dirty water.







Hi Mick


As promised here are those pics from Friday & Saturday. 








It takes a tinnie tragedy to learn a lifejacket lesson

Tinnies have the highest fatality rate, with most accidents occurring on waters you would hardly rate as hostile.

It sometimes takes a shocking death to highlight the importance of lifejackets. Boat owners and buyers must take note before the boating authorities are forced to crack down further.

It was with gut-wrenching dismay that I read news reports this week about the body of a teenage girl being found after a tinnie tragedy on Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle NSW.

As someone employed in the business of pleasure, and the father of similar-aged children, it struck doubly hard. How the girl's family and friends must be feeling is unfathomable.

With hindsight it's easy to see how the incident could've been avoided. The winds were strong, the chop big, the occupants inexperienced. None of the three teens on board was wearing a PDF, though there were some in the boat.




Children aged under 12 must now wear a lifejacket at all times on boats less than 4.8 metres. - Maritimes  NSW Maritime ©

NSW Maritime responded with a media release again warning of the importance of lifejackets.

The authority has already cracked down hard in recent times. Lifejackets are compulsory for children under 12, anyone boating alone, or at night when in a boat less than 4.8 metres, and for everyone on board a boat less than 4.8 metres when on alpine waters or offshore.

It is the skipper's responsibility to ensure passengers are wearing a lifejacket at times of heightened risk.

Statistics show that tinnies have the highest associated fatality rate. Admittedly they're the most popular type of boat in Australia and New Zealand but most accidents occur on waters that you would hardly rate as hostile.

In the past I've tested small forward-steer runabouts that were almost impossible to drive one-up because of the alarming heel. One shipped water over the aft quarter as I went into a routine turn.

And there are basic, two-thwart tinnies in the system that will sink in the event of a swamping or capsize. Three foam-filled seats should provide sufficient buoyancy but many buyers favour the open floor of a two-seater.

The case rekindled a childhood memory of a similar trip we made on Port Stephens on the NSW coast. As the wind built to over 30 knots we headed for the nearest shore.

Dad prudently decided to hire a taxi for the drive back to home, where we picked up our car and trailer and returned.

It added three hours to the day and the taxi fare exceeded $100 but, some 35 years later, I am here to write about it.

Mark Rothfield


Lake Levels

Eucumbene   33.4%

Jindabyne      81.3%

Tantangara    17.3%


Trout Festival


SAT 29TH OCT to Fri 4TH Nov 2011



Johnny Scrubworm has his say !!!

Cheers mick

Got any reports from the local lakes ?

If so, email them along with pictures to  for inclusion in our weekly report.

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