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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 14/12/2011


Good morning all, we are now in stock of all our fly tying materials for the year and orders are moving out quickly. So if you are the keen fly tyer or you know someone that is jump online and have a look.

We have our new range of Sage Ones in stock from 3WT through to 7WT and they keep moving out the door so be quick. So if you are in the area come with your own reel and have a cast with one of our staff members out on the pad.

Marine Time services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:

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The rivers are fishing really well regardless of the rains over the last few weeks.
At this time of the year with the ever chaning weather conditions you have to be on the spot to catch a hatch and most reports are coming back as dry fly are still the go.
Lure fishermen are doing well regardless of conditions, the fish have been in good health and size. The lures that are working well in the rivers are the Celta Size 1,2,3 in Trout colours and the tradational Green & Black, Red & Black, and Raphala flaoting F-3 in all colours.

Lake Jindabyne fly:

The lake has been fishing well when you can pick the days with good weather. But no reports have come in over the last weeks.

Best flies at present are Mrs Simpson brown ,Mrs Simpson olive. Woolly buggers Olive & Black, B/H Nymphs black, Fuzzy Wuzzys, Williams Goldfish.

Best areas are Poo Bay, Dam Wall, Snowline Park, Hatchery Bay, East Jindabyne, Kalkite.

"The most productive area is still the Snowline Park"


Lake Eucumbene fly

Harrie Sewter's 1st fish on fly, 10yrs old, caught near 7 gates on saturday afternoon.
3.9lb brown.

Check out that deep throat on that brown.

Flies that are performing well are Mrs Simpson Brown, Mrs Simpson Olive, Woolly Bugger in Black and Olive. Bead head Nymphs in Black and Olive. Hammils Killer, Craig's Night Time.


Tantangara Reservoir

Still not current reports.

Trolling and Spinning



Current Tassie s colours are Y48, PP, 36, Y36,Y62 81, Y82, 88, Y05, 48 ,YFR 

The Pegrons in Pm2, Pm7, Pm8.Rapalas in floating and broken back are doing well in the following series,F7,F5, F9 in Rainbow trout, Brown trout.


Hello guys,
As promised – My daughter Lara and I fished Powerbait at Kalkite overnight Friday and left lunch Saturday.  We also cast around a few Tassie Devils from the shore.
At large, it was a very disappointing trip.  We started fishing at around 4.30pm Friday and we didn’t get a touch until 10.00pm Friday when Lara landed a Rainbow at around 900g.  With renewed hope we started again at 4.30am.  However it was quiet until at 7.30am Lara picked up this beautifully coloured little Brown which we released – but that was it.
We spoke to other anglers in the area who also spoke of how quiet things were with only one fish being caught between each of the three groups we spoke to.
Notably the Almanac said it was going to be a poor weekend for fishing…….. I should have known.

That is great to see you guys having so much fun on the lake.

Best areas to fish around the dam wall, Poo bay down below the Jindabyne club, snowline caravan Park. things have been a little slow so your lure selection is important. Blade lures and stiffy lures would do well on the big browns as will the rainbow Squidgies lures, Gulp PUmkin seed, Gulp Ranibow minnow Rapala X-Raps and Jointed minnows are working as well.

Bait fishing


From Buckenderra

A very cool weekend at Buckenderra with a bit of snow falling on the mountains over night.
Bait fishing was consistent mainly rainbows caught on the orange and chunky cheese powerbait as well as the salmon eggs with mudeyes and scrubworms catching a few browns the largest just over 3lbs.
Trolling was slow  the ones that were caught were in the shallows going towards the middlingbank arm and around the tree line.
Fly fisherman are doing very well a lot being caught they are very happy,the majority are still small although Peter Lee caught a nice brown on a black nymph weighing 3.6lb and our largest one was from Peter Morrison he caught it on a fuzzy wuzzy and it was 8lb 12oz...fantastic

We had a lot of rain fall on Friday 53mm in 24hours but the fisherman kept coming,  trolling was quiet over the weekend perhaps due to the rain and squally winds we had on Saturday although earlier in the week the Doherty boys went out and were using purple and pink Tassie devils as well as green and yellow the biggest caught a nice brown 2.36kg clean.
Bait went well heard a few were caught on  scrub worms and grubs the powerbait colours for the week were chunky cheese, sherbert and the new orange salmon eggs went very well most caught were around 500gm.
Fly fishing has well and truly started we had many turn up over the weekend black midge and gold head nymph’s were favourite’s  a lot of smaller size about at the moment but a nice 6lb brown was caught on  Hamell’s killer.

Nice brown caught on a red/black fuzzy wuzzy 8lb 12oz woohoo

Cheers the team from Buckenderra



The lake has been performing really well regardless of the water releases and the storms that have passed through. Mudeyes are picking up and performing strongly against the Powerbait.

Notes from Tassie

G'day guys,
I just got back from Tasmania and thought I'd drop you a line. Arthur's is off the hook, fish everywhere, 2 and 3 pounders rising everyday and some bigger fish in amongst them that broke me off on 8 pound maxima! All of them hard up in the banks, I even caught two along an old 4wd track that had been flooded that the fish were using like a highway. Thought you might like to see a couple of pictures.
Mikey Shanahan



Lake Levels

Eucumbene 51.1 %
Jindabyne 80.0%
Tantangara 37.5 %


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