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Fishing Report Archives:  Print this report Print friendly version

Archive Date: 11/01/2012


Christmas has come and gone and Santa is making the best of his time off in the Snowy Mountains. Thank you Santa and see you on your next trip up here, the Boys at the Alpine Angler.

We have had quite a few inquires about access to the Kosciuszko National Park. Please direct your inquiries to the NSW Visitor Centres via phone or online at

Please be sure to carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritime are out at Christmas time. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.

Note: We do not have hand written licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can only do them online with your MasterCard or Visa in the shop.

Rivers:- Are now open.

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The Thredbo river is back to its summer time flow and fish are still around in large numbers. We have had a few reports but only one photo provided. So thank you to the fisherman whom shot through the email. It is brown taken on a black Nymph fished on dusk. The fly fisherman are getting better results on the river as dry fly fishing is starting to pick up with all the insects on the water as it finally warms up. Some of the fly's that are working at the moment are Elk hair caddis, Klinkhammer rust, royal wulff, royal coachman, Cocky-Bondhu, snowy hopper, x-mas beetle, black ant. God no wonder we need to carry so many fly boxes.

A few spinning anglers are coming up trumps on the river as well. The Celta in size 1 & 2 are still performing really well in brown trout and rainbow colour. Rapala lures in CD3 trout colours are still taking a few fish.


Lake Jindabyne fly:

Still no current Jindy fly reports.The lake has been fishing well when you can pick the days with good weather. But no reports have come in over the last weeks.

Best flies at present are Mrs Simpson brown ,Mrs Simpson olive. Woolly buggers Olive & Black, B/H Nymphs black, Fuzzy Wuzzys, Williams Goldfish.

Best areas are Poo Bay, Dam Wall, Snowline Park, Hatchery Bay, East Jindabyne, Kalkite.

"The most productive area is still the Snowline Park"

Lake Eucumbene fly

Ryan Tatterson went out fishing on Lake Eucumbene with family and here is his story.

Dear alpine angler, My name is Ryan Tatterson my first time fly fishing at buckenderra I caught my first trout on a fly at 1.5 kg. I had been practising how to flick a fly rod that hard during the week that I gave myself a blister on my hand. The experience was brilliant and I’m hooked on fly fishing.
Regards Ryan Tatterson.

Great fish Ryan, now you have the bug there is penty more from where he came from.

Flies that are performing well are Mrs Simpson Brown, Mrs Simpson Olive, Woolly Bugger in Black and Olive. Bead head Nymphs in Black and Olive. Hammils Killer, Craig's Night Time.

Tantangara Reservoir

Still no current reports.

Trolling and Spinning


We also have a regular to the lake Jon T Xtreme Fisho shoot us an email of a few days fishing up on the lakes and here is his tail.
This bag was caught on all sorts ... first up I tried a green hopper fished on the surface but no takers so I switched to a mudeye fished 2' down and that worked a real treat, but I should have bought more than half a doz as I got 4 for 6 before sunset and then that was that as far as mudeye’s were concerned.   The scrubbie’s were a dead loss when fished on the bottom, however a 3cm section wiggling 2' under a float accounted for 2 more.   Power bait (fluro orange) picked up one later in the evening but I suspect that was the wrong colour as others were picking them up quite regularly.   The rest fell to a fly, but not a glow in the dark craig's night time, but rather a very boofy sunset fished very slowly mid water.   I even saw a few smaller rainbows caught on a #1 red/gold celta, and i even gave spinning a go myself once the sun got up a bit in the morning however I only managed to drop a fisty little rainbow before losing the spinner to a sunken fence.   Curiously all the rainbows I saw were in only average condition - ie: quite skinny for their length so I don't know what's gone wrong with the food cycle.   Also, all were the same size give or take a 5cm, so obviously all from the same year and no veterans amongst them.   Very strange!

However I've left the best 'til last as the catch of the day in the bay where I was fishing was an 8Lb Brown caught on dry fly just on dark only a few metres from the bank in amongst the thistles.   I didn't see it caught but everyone sure heard about it later since i gather it was a PB.   Obviously this bloke (a Cooma local apparently) really knew what he was doing as he also landed a 4Lb'er and a 3Lb'er just for good measure - both browns, both on dry.   Apparently his preference is a black zulu (which may give you some idea who it was) which I gather is a bit like like a red tag with hackles but I don't know what he used to catch these 3 beauties.

Dinner is Served.


Current Tassie s colours are Y48, PP, 36, Y36,Y62 81, Y82, 88, Y05, 48 ,YFR The Snowy Mountains minnows, Pm7, Pm8. Rapalas in floating and broken back are doing well in the following series,F7,F5, F9 in Rainbow trout, Brown trout.


Best areas to fish around the dam wall, Poo bay down below the Jindabyne club, snowline caravan Park. things have been a little slow so your lure selection is important. Blade lures and stiffy lures would do well on the big browns as will the rainbow Squidgies lures, Gulp PUmkin seed, Gulp Ranibow minnow Rapala X-Raps and Jointed minnows are working as well.

Bait fishing


Here we have Marco Giuliani out with his family making the best of the warm weather. I think he is a little mixed up about how you should measure the fish you catch Marco. I think we need to put you on the Today show on the 9 network with Today Show T's.
Marco said it the fish was taken Chunky Cheese power bait fished under a scrubworm.


The lake has had alot of tourist fishing and playing on the lake but no current reports handed in.

We have our new range of Sage Ones in stock from 3WT through to 7WT and they keep moving out the door so be quick. So if you are in the area come with your own reel and have a cast with one of our staff members out on the pad.

Lake Levels

Eucumbene 54.3 %
Jindabyne 81.7%
Tantangara 27.1 %

Got any reports from the local lakes ? If so, email them along with pictures to for inclusion in our weekly report.

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