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Archive Date: 15/05/2012

                                                                  FISH OF THE WEEK

Here is my photo of the 73cm, 12.4lb awesome brown trout I caught at Eucambene River .
Vlade Cavdarovski.



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We are getting a lot of feed back from the Seven Gates area about fires and rubbish left all over the place.
Please be mindful to take your rubbish with you and clean up after yourself.

Please be sure to carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritimes are out. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.

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Hi guys,
Could you post this on the report site to see if anyone can help?
About a month and a half ago (early -mid March), I lost a pair of glasses at the end of Middlingbank. They were black framed Oakley wrap around glasses with a clear lens. I've only just realised that I've lost them. If anyone has picked them up, I'd really appreciate it if they could contact me on 0401 963 876. I'll pay for postage if the finder is willing to part with their find.




Headlines:  Fishing reports have been good again this week.  The lakes have provided the most reports and  Eucumbene has produced yet again with some excellent baitfishing with Mudeyes,worms,Grubs and the fly fishing has been outstanding.  Jindabyne has also fired over the weekend with some great trolling





remember if you are having Trouble getting the in the river you must get the fly to the bottom so put on some split shot that should help.

Best areas to fish are all over the Eucumbene River and the Thredbo up past the hatchery and around paddys corner best Rig is a Glow Bug with a Nymph Below if you find the fish are a little spooky two Nymphs will work well.

Remember the weather can change quick so take warm clothing and let someone now where you going best been safe then sorry.

The high country rivers have really fished well this season with most fish taking . adams parachute, yellow stimulators , royal humpies , royal wulfs , elk hair caddis , red tags , adams , klinkhammers.

most of the smaller steams will start getting harder to fish in the next few weeks with the colder weather moving in so get out there why you can and enjoy them why you can.

most people are fishing late in the afternoon and getting good Results and into the night so pick your spot and be ready the bigger fish are moving up stream late best fly’s at night are woolly buggers black and brown. Remember wear warm clothing it is very cold.

best Lures are Rapalas, X-Raps, Blades, Rainbow Squidgys


thanks for all the fishing Reports well done  

Lake Eucumbene:- Some very nice rainbows and Browns coming in over the last few weeks.Many people are fishing around midday and getting good results Many of these fish are taking Mrs Simpsons, Hammills Killers,B/H Nymphs black, brown, Green. lf your finding it hard to get the fish when you see them rolling around in the water this would be a good time to put a Klinkhammer on you will get good results. The rainbows seem to come in feeding close all day.The rising lake levels have really got the fish feeding so if your going fishing on the Lake this is the time to be there around 10am till dark.The Rainbows are getting fat and feeding on any thing they can get Grasshoppers, Mudeyes, snails, Midge,most reports are coming in fisherman are catching them around 10am to 7pm. if you have a Boat get out there into the windlanes you will be suprised how many fish you will pick up. Good news is the browns have been moving around as well with good repors around Yens, seven Gates, Rushys most been court on woolly buggers black, brown, olive

Best flys are woolly worms, woolly buggers, B/H black Nymphs black, brown, Green, Mrs Simpsons, Klinkhammers

Best areas to fish are Rushys, seven gates, Yens,

Remember the fish have been feeding all day so get out there and have a good day my best tip is on the lake with a Klinkhammer or Mrs Simpson the Browns and Rainbows are going mad, there fat and  hitting hard. ...goood luck and tight lines...all i can say about the lake is "WOW"

Like to say thanks for the help you gave us on our recent trip to Eucumbene. The weather was average but the fishing was good. Attached is a photo of the two best fish. The big fish was 71cm and weighed 11lb, it was caught on an orange and black fuzzy. Looking forward to the next trip.


Lake Jindabyne:-

not many reports from jindy so if anyone has any reports send them to


Tantangara:- good reports are starting to come out of the great Lake the fly fisherman are picking up some good rainbows and browns best fly’s are Woolly Worm black, Mrs Simpsons, Woolly Buggers black, Olive, brown.


Baitfishing :- Mudeyes,worms, Grubs and power bait . These are without doubt the best bait in Eucumbene at present

The bait reports have been out of control!

 the better catches have been with the bubble float and the Mudeye but remember mudeyes are hard to get now so if you can get them they will pick up most of the fish.There have been some good hatches this week and the fish are well and truly on them.  The last hour or two of daylight have been the best but you will get fish right through the day.  A mudeye under a bubble is the best way and greasing your line to float is a definite advantage.we have been getting good reports off browns taking Grubs and worms the Rainbows are still going on power Bait best colours are Rainbow, chunky cheece, sherbert, fl orange

last few reports have been good worms, Grubs and power bait Have been picking up some good fish try a worm under a bubble float you will be suprised how well it works.

best place to fish is seven gates, yens, Anglers Reach, Middlinbank,


Hi Mick 
Over the week there were a lot of rainbows caught with powerbait the orange colour doing it again all from the bank the largest weighed 1.2kg clean and majority caught in the morning. Trolling is picking up the rainbows up to 45cm at 1.5 kg in weight and browns 63cm at 3.2kg caught on red nose brown bomber yellow wing also Tassie devils 89 and 36 most caught in   Wainui bay. Fly fishing was a little quieter although there are still a lot of fisherman around the Middlingbank area of an evening.
pic Below


· Trolling and Spinning 

Eucumbene:-   Reports from the lake have been ok.Launching access is available at Old Adaminaby, Anglers Reach, Dam Wall . With cooler conditions there should be a few more fish taking shallow running minnows and Tassie Devils, strike pro blades and XRap Rapalas, RMG Scorpions this week.  

Mostly flatline tassies and small minnows. There are fish in close and on top early in the day but as the sun gets up going wider and deeper is the best bet.


Tassies in, Y05, Y48, Y90, 26, Y36, 103, 48,  and most of the new Tassie are getting some good fish. and any of the yellow wing patterns have been excellent S12 is working well.  Dual Depth versions are a good option for getting down a fraction Stinger Lures are 10, 8, 1, 21, 3, 17, 15, 11, best in the Lofty’s Cobra Lures are 48, 37, 25, 69, 71, 10, 100, good time to start useing rainbow Squidgys with a 2gram jig head

RMG Scorpions in any colour have really caught some fish of late. 

Best areas have been Anglers Reach, Seven Gates, Waiunui, Collingwood, Coppermine and Main basin.



spinning in the Rivers have been picking up some good fish up Eucumbene useing Rapalas, X-Raps, and Rainbow Squidgys. up the Thredbo much the same.

                  John Didlick 63cm 2.6kg clean caught trollingJ 

JINDABYNE:-As in Eucumbene fishing both surface lures and lures on lead core or a down rigger is the best bet for catching a few fish.  Reports do suggest deeper rather than shallower is a little more consistent. 


The quality of some of the fish has been good.Best spots to troll have been Sids Bay, Creel Bay, the bank between  Sid's and Kalkite and the East Jindabyne, west shore Bays, Hayshed Bay.

Remember if your up at jindy fishing we would like some Reports Just send them to some photos thanks.


Eucumbene 61.3 %    
Jindabyne 91.2%      
Tantangara 29.1 %  


Got any reports from the local lakes ? If so, email them along with pictures to for inclusion in our weekly report.

Cheers patto

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