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Archive Date: 17/01/2013


                                                                       Total Fire Bans  

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Community Update Newsletter
Friday 11 January 2013
Background Information
Overnight fire conditions remained stable, with fire crews continuing to mop up, black out and monitor fire conditions.
The fire front is approximately 20 kilometers east of Cooma and is being controlled. It has burnt out approximately 10,500 hectares in the Kybeyan Valley across Kybean Range including Dangelong Nature Reserve.
Current situation
Fire fighters are today preparing for challenging conditions and work will focus on property protection in the Kybeyan Valley, Hains Road, Tuross River Road and Old Kybeayn Road areas.
The Brest Fire west of Shannon’s Flat is being controlled. Fire crews will continue to work on this fire today.
People should expect to see increasing smoke from these fires today.
A severe weather warning has seen a Total Fire Ban issued for NSW & ACT, with high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds predicted for the next 48 hrs.
The fire weather warning has been increased to a ‘Watch & Act’, meaning that there is a heightened level of threat. Conditions are changing and people need to start taking action now to protect themselves and their property.
Residents in the Nandawar, Kybeyan Station, Tuross Gap and Jibolaro areas are advised to prepare for this by activating their Bushfire Survival Plans and moving stock to safe areas such as ploughed or heavily grazed paddocks.
People should also be aware that there may be significant smoke in the area, and there may be some restricted access along local roads.
Several national parks are also closed due to fires. All walking tracks in all NSW National Parks are closed until at least Monday due to severe fire weather conditions. People are advised to check on park closures prior to travel. Visit or call the parks line on 1300 361 967.
Please contact the RFS Cooma Fire Control Centre on 02 6455 0455 for further information. To report further fire sightings - call 000.
· Watch & Act’ – there is a heightened level of threat. Conditions are changing and you need to start taking action now to protect you and your family.
· Be aware that access may be restricted to some local roads in the area. The Tuross-Kybeyan road currently has restricted access.
· Know what you will do if fire threatens your property. If you don’t already have one, download a Bushfire Survival Plan from
· If you plan to leave, leave early. Stay informed about current fire conditions in your local area via radio, RFS website or call the NSW RFS Bushfire Information Line on 1800 679 737.
· It is important that you make arrangements now for what you will do with your stock or animals in the event of evacuation orders.
Further Information
Cooma Rural Fire Service (02) 6455 0455
Facebook – Monaro Team Rural Fire Service
NSW RFS Bushfire Information Line 1800 679 737

Remember send your Photos to


We are getting a lot of feed back from the Seven Gates area about fires and rubbish left all over the place.
Please be mindful to take your rubbish with you and clean up after yourself.

Please be sure to carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritimes are out. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.

Note: We do not have hand written licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can only do them online with your MasterCard or Visa in the shop.



Headlines:  Fishing reports have been good again this week.  The lakes have provided the most reports and  Eucumbene has produced yet again with some excellent baitfishing with ,worms,Grubs and the fly fishing has been outstanding.  Jindabyne has also fired over the weekend with some great trolling


FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.


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Most rivers are fishing well water levels are good in most rivers.
The Thredbo river has been fishing well above the hatchery in the afternoon best flies
Are Klinkhammers, adams parachutes, red tags, royal wulff, B/H Nymphs black and brown.
The key is to fish at the right time off day mornings and afternoon you will have a better time.
The Eucumbene river is still flowing good but the fishing has been hard again fish late in the afternoon not In the middle of the day most of the fishing has been alright up higher around Kiandra and down into the gorge.
Best fly’s are red tags, Klinkhammers, B/H Nymphs, stimulators, Hardy’s favourite.
Remember go fishing at the right time and you will have a better time.

          Pat McFadden 3.6kg Rainbow on the thredbo river       


                           LOCAL DAMS

            Eucumbene, Tantangara, Guthega, three mile
Reports have been getting better on Eucumbene with most of the fishing down the lower end of the lake
Best fishing is around Rushy’s bay seven gates and middlingbank.
Most off the fishing has been good in the afternoon with a good number off browns coming in on the Dark.
Rainbows are starting to come in as well best fly’s are Fuzzy Wuzzys, black woolly buggers, black and red woolly worm
Remember when stripping the fly in change your action 6 small jabs wait 5 seconds then more quick jabs this has been working well
Do the same with B/H Nymphs you will be surprised well that’s the best tip I can give at the moment  it has been working.
Not much has change at Jindabyne with not many reports coming in once again with my tips at Jindy good luck
Reports from Tantangara have been picking up with good numbers of fish coming in worth a fish.
Lake Guthega good reports of brown close to the shore line so if you like the high country try this lake you will be surprised.
Three Mile dam if you like to catch up on your dry fly fishing this is a good spot to do that plenty of small fish but really good fun and a good day out.

Hi guys.

I thought I'd have a go at sending you a pic.

Here's a nice 6 lb. brown caught at Coppermine just on dark on a floating beetle a couple of weeks back.





Hi guys,
Popped into your store on Wednesday  afternoon and picked up a few leaders, I said I would let you know how the fishing went.
Fly fished Rushies from around 6pm to 12pm and was joined by around 10 like-minded individuals on sunset, all of who were also fly fishing. At about 9.30pm one bloke picked up a fish using a dry fly pattern, and try as I might to hear what the fly was, I couldn’t quit catch it. Shortly after 2 other guys missed takes apparently using the same fly pattern. Then it went dead again.
Up until this point I had used a variety of wets and dries, all to no avail.
At around 10.30pm I went back to using a cordulid and with my first cast, without any retrieve, it was smashed by a hefty rainbow. Fish landed. With my next cast, the same cordulid was smashed again by another hefty rainbow. This time it took two short fast retrieves. Thinking I was on a winner I landed the second fish and cast as soon as humanly possible hoping and expecting a third fish! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, and from what I could hear it was the last bit of fish action for anyone, before I called it a night around 12pm.
So the fish are there but they take some effort. See you when the new moon arrives!

Jindabyne:- Spinning and Trolling no Reports
Eucumbene:- Trolling and Spinning
Reports have been good over the Christmas holidays with some good fishing down the bottom end off the lake around
Rushy’s, Middlingbank, seven gates, Wainui bay, trolling with tassies devils, 100,Y48,31,92,7,104,10,52,76,S11,21
Most fish have been taking them about 40 meters out with some good results.
Sting lures have been going well closer to the shore line picking up some good browns, 4,16,17,11,25,23,18
the best lure has been the strike pro blades inGold, silver, brown, black, try them you will be surprised.
Other lakes to try Guthega dam and Three mile dam this is a good time to get up there with most off the fish taking small
Lures like Celtas and Rapalas have been working well if you haven’t tried these lakes get up there.
Tantangara has been doing much the same as Eucumbene but the stand out lurer is the strike pro blades from the shore line and trolling
Give them ago Gold, silver are working well 
Jindabyne   need reports
So if anyone has any reports send them to thanks
G’day guys
Fished the Buckenderra arm at Euc for a couple of days just before new year. Overall there was a noticeable lull in action with the water dropping around 4 - 6 inches during our stay. Although bait and fly sessions came up trumps, with a little persistence these mates still managed to troll up a brace of browns and bows. Every fish had dined on spider mudeyes. The brown on the left had gorged on at least 15! No doubt an encouraging sign of the float fishing action to come. Another nice brown was also caught, but it was dutifully stowed away on ice for one of the wonderful wives!
Prost! and happy new year....Gee that Boat must have good brakes!!!



best place to fish is Eucumbene fishing very well
best bait is worms and Mudeye's.
Baitfishing :-
Mudeye’s are back in stock now and are producing some good fish at Eucumbene worm as well have been the stand out Bait with some good browns been caught.
And rainbows been caught power bait has been working alright in most places.
Best areas are seven gates, Middlingbank, old Adaminaby, anglers Reach and Rushys bay.
If you can catch some grasshoppers try them under a bubble.
Most off the bait fisherman are doing well all around the lake so if you want to get them browns there are plenty of them about.
Tantangara has been great with some big browns coming in around 5 to 6lb mostly on worms and Mudeye’s
Hey Patto,
The week leading up to Christmas, Mum and I joined Dad and my two brothers on their annual trout trip.
The fishing was a bit tough, with most fish being caught just on dark.
The strong winds made it hard for Mum and I to fly fish (we only had one lesson in the backyard prior to going to Buckenderra). On the last two days, Mum and I fished mudeyes under bubble floats and I caught my first trout, a brown of 4 1/2 pounds. I also caught some rainbows and another large brown trout. Mum caught a nice rainbow trout too.
As this was mine and Mum's first trout trip, we were very pleased with our results. I would like to thank Mick and the staff at The Alpine Angler for all of their help.
All the best in the New Year.
Serena Jones   well done Serena 'bad luck boys'

My son Ben caught a magnificent 6lb 3oz Brown trout at Eucumbene on a mudeye in Stockyard bay on the 30th of December just after dark. He was very pleased with himself and on closer inspection, the trout was not hooked by very much, he was very lucky to get it in without pulling the hook!
Shane Jeffrey


Hey guys

Caught this 50cm brown trout near the dam end on lake jindabyne on new year eve morning just as the sun was coming up,I'd caught it on a worm I brought from your store.
Cheers nick



                   Marco from afganistan with a nice Brown 

Eucumbene 55.7 %    
Jindabyne 87.2%     
Tantangara 26.0% 



Got any reports from the local lakes ? If so, email them along with pictures to for inclusion in our weekly report.



Cheers patto

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