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Archive Date: 14/05/2013





We are getting a lot of feed back from the Seven Gates area about fires and rubbish left all over the place.
Please be mindful to take your rubbish with you and clean up after yourself.

Please be sure to carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritimes are out. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:
FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have hand written licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can only do them online with your MasterCard or Visa in the shop.

Fishing reports have been good again this week. The lakes have provided the most reports and Eucumbene has produced yet again with some excellent baitfishing with ,worms,Grubs and the fly fishing has been outstanding. Jindabyne has also fired over the weekend with some great trolling

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.

Monday  - thursday 9am - 5.30pm
Friday     - 9am - 7.00pm
Saturday - 7am - 5.30pm
Sunday   - 8am - 4.30pm

if you have any fishing Reports you can send them to 
or Mick on 0412915201

LAKE JINDABYNE 77.8%      

Rivers:- Eucumbene and Thredbo things are starting to pick up still waiting for some rain till then things won’t change
The river mouth at Eucumbene is starting to pick up with some good reports coming in over the weekend mostly browns over 5lb. Most off the fish have been very spooky so the two Nymphs have been the best flies overall. Night fishing is going well so pick your spot on the river and be ready by the reports the fish have been big best flies at night time are woolly buggers black, Craig night time,
We have had some good reports in the Eucumbene and Thredbo with Nymphs being the standout patterns. Glow Bugs will be worth using here too. There has been some good reports off fish moving up both rivers Eucumbene and Thredbo the best areas I found is around the ski tube up and down from the railroad bridge plenty of fish and from the Thredbo bridge up is worth a look.. Eucumbene from providence down most fish have been active late in the afternoon at night in the river black woolly buggers have been working well.
So when the rain does come there will be plenty of action in both rivers but at the moment look and get down the fish are very spooky good luck.
The River mouth fishing is well worth a try of an evening with the onset of the spawn run. Large streamers like a Fuzzy Wuzzy or Woolly Bugger on a slow sink or sink tip line are a great way to get amongst some big Browns. Best places to fish is at Providence at the Mouth of the river yes there are some good fish starting to move up we have had some rain so this will get the fish moving.

Lake Jindabyne:- Reports from Jindabyne have been scarce but evening and early morning should be a good time. Up around Kalkite we have been getting good reports and around Waste point around the snowy side some good Browns and a few Rainbows Best wet flies are woolly Buggers Black, Brown and Mrs Simpsons have been working well.
Other areas on the lake have been poo Bay, Snowline, and down around Jindabyne East 

Lake Eucumbene.
Daytime fishing has generally been the best with the evenings and night time fishing a little slow. Bead head nymphs and woolly buggers fished slow and deep have been the best fish takers of late. There have been some nice rainbows being caught for those who put a bit of time in. With the cooler weather moving in the fishing should start improving.
There has been some good Browns around Providence, Anglers Reach Woolly buggers have been working well and black B/H Nymphs are keeping the big fish interested. have been getting good reports on the fly with intermediate and sinking lines have been doing well. Yes the reports have been slow and fisherman not doing so good so change what you are doing and get down to where the fish are you will find the results a lot better on a sinking line.
Best wet flies are woolly buggers, B/H Nymphs, woolly worms, Fuzzy’s
Best areas have been Anglers Reach, Providence, Remember the fishing is hard and I’m doing my best to let you know where there biting. at the moment I’m getting reports from Providence, Anglers Reach Buckenderra and Rushes, Seven gates are a little slow but some people are finding them and doing well the key is walk till you find them.


. Trolling has been doing ok most people are getting the fish down deep with diving minnow and trolling slow with Tassie Devils

The quality of some of the fish has been superb with real football like condition. Best spots to troll have been poo bay, Creel Bay, Kangaroo Bay, the bank between Sid's and Kalkite and close to the township.
spinning from the banks with Blades have been getting some good rainbows and browns.
trolling and spinning have picked up in the last week with the cooler weather moving in.
TASSIE DEVILS 55,26,115,y48,s12,4,76,pp,16
STING LURES 12,13,16,6,22,3
Min Min's , Tilsans

a few nice fish landed on trolling with all in extremely good condition.
Nothing on bait or spin. Here are a few fish snaps.
The 6lb brown was caught by Ian trolling in Wianui Bay on Tassie 114, Ginga Niga on Anzay day at about 11am.
The 1 ½ lb rainbow was caught trolling by Stuart in Rushes Bay Saturday morning on Tassie 115, Rusty’s Banana at about 9am.
The 4 ¼ lb brown by Ian trolling by Ian in Wianui Bay on Tassie 115, Rusty’s Banana on Anzay day at about 11am.
Very nice fish in excellent condition. Pretty slow going but worth the reward.
Ian Duncan & Stuart Pazzalaqua. Traralgon, Vic.
Eucumbene Buckenderra has been going well again with Tassie Devils and sting Lures things are starting to pick up.
Tassie Devils and sting Lures have been working very well in the early hours out deep.
Most of the fish being caught have been rainbows but there is always the chance of a brown.
Small Attack minnows have accounted for several fish for one group while Blades have been great for another boat.
Most of the fisherman are getting down deep with down riggers or lead weights with good results not much has change in the lures selection.
TASSIE DEVILS S12,56,Y36,Y48,55,99,100,3
STING LURES 20,14,8,6,5,22,18
Min Min's , Tilsans

Hi Mick
Here are a few Snapshots of some of the fish that we have Caught Trolling at Buchenderra over the weekend .

Stuart Gilchrist


Caught by Brendan Quirk

Caught by steve kingston


Reports have continued to be great with fish being taken on worms and power bait. Worms under a bubble have been working very well also Power bait is working well.
in the last week good reports have been coming in with worms under a bubble with about a 9foot lead from the bubble.
Seven Gates, Dam wall and Buckenderra, Anglers Reach and Old Adaminaby in Eucumbene. Worms have been the stand out bait at the moment Kenny Cain from Berridale has been fishing with worms at Buckenderra he has been getting some good rainbows and brown.
Jindabyne reports have been a little slow but the fishing should keep improving with the cooler conditions. Creel bay, Sid’s, Hatchery would be well worth a look at the moment.
don't forget if your bubble fishing try some flies it works very well.
Craig’s Night time, Nymphs, woolly buggers

Fishing has picked up over the last few weeks the water temperature is dropping there has been no real pattern on times but what I can tell you is that when they are catching them it usually is only for  1 - 2 hours and then they go quite again.
Wainui bay has been doing alright in the morning where as the Middlingbank arm has been in the afternoon. The size and quality of the trout has been fantastic very healthy looking up to 7lb.
Trolling with yellow wing Tassie devils has been great as well as with Frog Pattern Kwikfish. Even throwing a line in with Power bait lime twist and sherbet burst has been good with the kids and flies I have heard mud eye patterns are still doing the job.
I have attached a photo of a nice one caught with Frog Pattern Kwikfish.
Happy fishing everyone.....
Buckenderra Holiday Village

3 brown trout caught just after dark on the 24th May,largest around 6 pound.
Caught on lures around talbingo.

Got any reports from the local lakes ? If so, email them along with pictures to for inclusion in our weekly report

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                    'LOOK AFTER IT OR LOOSE IT'                        
Hey Mate, I see in your report about the rubbish at Seven Gates, yeah, we struck it last Friday night, a whole camp full of the p????, were agro we were fishing “their” bank, letting gas canisters go in the fire, and fireworks, roaring and yelling to be heard over the top of their s??? music going full blast, about 10pm they started doing circle work  around our ute and bogging their 4 wheel drives, this s??? is going to cost the local economy and fisherfolk in general, one because decent people won’t go near the s??? hole they create and put up with their agro, two Hydro will start limiting the access with that going on. 
The bas???? had us over a barrel and they knew it , 10 against 2 equals a hiding time we'll see.
Just a heads up so you can give a word of caution to decent people of families looking to head there, looks like its turned to a mecca for f????????.

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