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Archive Date: 20/10/2015

                         Snowy Mountains Trout Festival2015




We are getting a lot of feed back from the Seven Gates area about fires and rubbish left all over the place.  Please be mindful to take your rubbish with you and clean up after yourself.  Please be sure to carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritimes are out. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:
FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have hand written licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can only do them online with your MasterCard or Visa in the shop.

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.                                           
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if you need anything you can call me on 0412915201. Michael

if you have any fishing Reports or pics you can send them to 
if you have a phone send them to 0412915201














for information on water releases go to




EUCUMBENE RIVER, Still running well and most off all still fishing well the rainbows are still running up and in good numbers best reports are coming from the tree line down to the lake. Best flies are two nymphs with split shot early mornings glow bugs and Nymphs. What can i say get up there before it’s to late  Most other rivers are fishing well so start looking around at the rivers you have not fished for sometime.   Most Monaro rivers are fishing well so if you need to Improve you're casting skills get on the rivers you will be surprised.


THREDBO RIVER, The Thredbo has been a little quiet but as you get closer to the lake things will Improve the rainbows are in the deeper holes and still taking Nymphs. Up higher on the river fishing in the afternoons are picking up with some good insect hatches. Remember the Thredbo is not the only river around try looking at other rivers. Overall things are looking up.




Fishing around the lake has been good with good reports coming in from most areas on the lake. With the weather warming up fishing has Improved with the rainbows and browns.
In the last month fishing has been at it’s best with good reports off all fish browns, rainbows, brooks, salmon. Most fishers have been using woolly buggers and Nymphs with good results.
Fishing over on the western side off the lake has been the best area to go with plenty off food washing into the lake and the fish are coming in a lot closer so don’t go looking for them get the flies out and start bring them back in slowly if you're using bead heads let them drop the retrieve.





Fishing has been great in all areas over the lake in the past three weeks with the rainbows on the come back and the browns still in good condition. This would be the best start to the season for sometime now and it’s only going to get better as it warms up. Over at frying pan the rainbows have been in full swing most fishers have been using olive bead head nymphs and woolly buggers. around at buckenderra woolly buggers have been working along with Mrs Simpsons, woolly worms, Again if using nymphs let them sink then retrieve most fish have been taking them on the drop and most off them have been rainbows.

Best areas are frying pan, Rushes, Middling bank, buckenderra,  Up the top end off the lake much the same Anglers Reach, Providence, Old Adaminaby have been getting good rainbows and browns.

Yes all is looking good and it’s only going to get better bring it on!!



Howdy Michael,
Peter from Braemar with an update on the fantastic fishing at and around Braemar this week, conditions have been challenging at times but the results have been great, generally the trolling was tough, some boats struggled for a result and some boats had no luck at all, but by mid week that had all changed with great fishing and some excellent fish showed up with the cooler and cloudy conditions. The baitfishing slowed down a little as well, most days were slow and then all of a sudden fish were everywhere, the fly fishing  can best be described as pot luck right now, late afternoon proving to be a bit better than daytime, anyway call into the shop at Braemar for all the latest updates on what lures fly and baitfishing have been getting the fish, Braemar is private property and permission should be otained before entering the Park, we welcome visitors, again call in at the shop, buy a drink or a lure or 2 and off you go.
Results like these dont come by very often, magnificent fish were the order early this week, Joe and Helga Alexander combined brilliantly to land this 5.033kg monster Brown after a day out trolling,  thats over 11 pounds in the old measurement, after 40 years of fishing Eucumbene Joe finally got the double figure fish he was after, his previous bests were around the 5lb mark, well done Joe.
Ron Clark from Berimah managed a lovely 2.986kg Brown also pictured and Neil Pearson managed a 2.580kg Brown as well, there is also an unconfirmed report of a 4.100kg Brown caught just near the Park at the weekend, the big fish are roaming around Braemar way it seems, a huge Brown was spotted cruising the edges on one of my trips to the Lake this morning, the rising water and plentiful food has certainly got the fish actively feeding it seems.




Eucumbene has been fishing well with good results coming from most parts off the lake rainbows, browns all in good condition
BUCKENDERRA,    Tassie Devils 67,48,y62,125, Strike pro blades
SEVEN GATES,       Tassie Devils 48, 125,112 , Strike pro blades, Crick hoppers
BRAEMER BAY,     Tassie Devils 50,y48,4
PROVIDENCE,       Tassie Devils 26,16,29,82
ANGLERS REACH  Tassie Devils ,4,112,126



Trolling around Jindabyne has been good with most reports coming from the top end  off the lake with the browns and rainbow. Most tassie devils have been doing well along with the strike pro blades and Rapalas
 up around Kalkite the brookies and rainbows have been on the bite and as you go down towards jindy the brown start taking over most over the 4lb mark. Overall the trolling is going well and thing will only get better as the weather warms up. To me jindabyne is the place to be at the moment and I’m sure once the mudeye’s start the trolling will only get better.
Tassie Devils 4, 125, 126, 112
Blades, Rapala’s,



LAKE JINDABYNE BAIT FISHING Just gets better and better!!


Bait fishing around Jindabyne has been good with results coming in from most parts off the lake overall the worms have been the pick with some nice browns and rainbows coming out on the power bait the lime twist and lemon have been picking up some good rainbows.
Best areas are poo bay, blow the L.J.H and around at Hatchery bay. Overall the worm fishing has been at it’s best so if you are heading up that way things are looking up fishing is good for most off the day.
Best Bait worms, worms, worms






Bait fishing is getting better as each week goes by with some really good results coming from top to bottom.
Buckenderra has been good on the worms and power bait but the worms are the pick off the baits.
Frying Pan is doing well on the worms and seven gates is going well on the power bait and worms.
Up at the Dam wall and Braemer bay  the fishing is at it’s best with good reports off rainbows on the worms all rainbows over the 40cm mark.
Best Bait, Worms, Worms, Worms 
Buckenderra is fishing at it's best again worms






Stessyl edge tracker fishing boat 3.5 metres Aluminium ,8hp 1997 mercury out board with fins splash gaurds up front ,drycell 12v battery lights , new Lowrance dual screen finder with cover , boat cover, life jackets, anchor , rod holders , drink holders, glove box , storage compartment , Galvanised fold up trailer , LED Lights , winch ,both boat and trailer registered , $2900.00



Trolling has been really good with good reports coming in from top to bottom good reports off rainbows and browns with the lake dropping now things might change well that’s what i thought would happen but with the reports coming in things are still going well the rainbows and browns are still taking the lures. But remember when travelling up that way watch the weather and the snow reports thing can get really bad up that way. But overall the fishing is good. 










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