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Archive Date: 07/09/2016


Snowy Mountains Trout Festival – 2016

This years 43rd annual Yamaha / Freshwater Fishing Snowy Mountains Trout Festival will be run from Saturday the 29th of October to Friday the 4th of November 2016. The last weigh in time will be 6pm on Thursday evening. Remember all you have to do is enter this years event and attend the prize presentation to be in the draw for the Fantastic new Quintrex 390 Explorer 20hp Yamaha motor and trailer prize valued at over $10,000.00! This years competition is made possible with the continued support from Yamaha Motor Aust. who have supplied the fabulous 20hp motor in conjunction with Riverina Marine Centre Wagga Wagga, who have supplied the new Quintrex 390 Explorer boat and trailer. We thank Yamaha , Quintrex and Riverina Marine Centre Wagga Wagga for their generosity and hope that you will be able to support them in future.
You also have the chance of winning $1000 worth of quality tackle for each fishing category. Our ability to make these prizes available is due to the strong support from some of Australia’s leading tackle wholesalers, EJ Todd & Son, JM Gillies, Pure Fishing, Clarkson Imports, Dunphy Sports, & Saga Tackle. Combined with the strong support from local business’s helps make this a fishing event not to be missed. There will be daily “secret weight cash prizes” for brown trout and rainbow trout valued as much as $1000.00 each. We’re also maintaining the prize pool for the Clubs/Team Category at $1400.00 CASH !There will also be the prized Festival Beer Glasses for the largest rainbow and largest brown trout recorded at each weigh-in center.
The committee hopes that you will enjoy the fishing and sites which the beautiful Snowy Mountains area has to offer, and look forward to seeing you all again.

Start: 29th Oct 2016
End: 4th Nov 2016





Monaro Acclimatisation Society calls a meeting on le access to the Eucumbene River Brown Trout Spawning Run at Denison
On Wednesday 30 March 2016 the Monaro Acclimatisation Society Inc (MAS) hosted a meeting with anglers and representatives from Snowy Hydro, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW Fisheries, NSW Maritime and the Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce to try and resolve the issue of continuing environmental degradation of the Eucumbene River banks at the Denison Campground near Providence Portal, NSW.
Steve Samuels, President of the MAS said his organisation had received many calls from anglers who were concerned that the unlimited vehicle access to the river during the annual brown trout spawning run posed a threat to the river and the spawning fish. He also said that other authorities such as Snowy Hydro and NSW Fisheries had received similar calls.
The brown trout spawning run in the Eucumbene River has gained significant popularity over the last few years. Last year vehicle counts indicated that up to 140 vehicles per day were accessing the river bank at Denison, crossing the river with drivers often cutting new tracks in an effort to reach more secluded water. Kosciuszko national park authorities were also concerned over the continued illegal vehicle access to the Park from the Denison access point.
Mr Samuels said that if something was not done now to limit the damage, he was fearful that authorities would take a hardline approach in the future that might make access to this fabulous fishing event even harder.
The meeting discussed all the issues and it was clear that all present wanted to see angler participation on the river continue, but the uncontrolled vehicle access could no longer be tolerated due to the damage being done.
The obvious thing to do Mr Samuels said was to develop a car park away from the river where anglers could park in safety. This would stop the damage being done, but would also allow anglers to access the river with relative ease. While it may be a bit of a walk, he said, that is better than losing this fishery either through the spawning run being “loved to death” or a harsher measure later on when things were much worse.
The meeting members identified that if vehicles were to be directed to a designated parking area it would have to be built above the high water mark of the lake so that it did not become a navigation hazard during higher lake levels.
Mr Samuels said that the meeting resolved to progress the issue. While it is not possible to do anything for this year’s run, he said, the intention was to have the matter resolved for the 2017 run.
Mr Samuels said that he hoped all anglers would recognize the need to protect the river because without it remaining in pristine condition it places the brown trout spawning run in jeopardy. While there may be a bit of a walk in the future, he said, the benefits to anglers and the fish will outweigh any inconvenience.


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Please be sure to
carry your PFD & fishing licences as NSW Maritimes are out. Nsw fisheries inspectors are working the Snowy Mountains area during the peak holiday season. So remember if you do not have a current fishing licence and on your person you will be fined. So for the sake of 5 minutes do yourself a favour.

Maritime services are on the lakes, So make sure you water craft are up to par with current safety standards, if you are not sure contact Ph 13 12 56 or website:
FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have hand written licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can only do them online with your MasterCard or Visa in the shop.

FISHING LICENCES These are available online and you can purchase them directly from the NSW fisheries website with a credit card. Click on this link below.
Note: We do not have licences available through the store with Cash or EFT. We can do them online with a MasterCard or Visa only.                                           
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for information on water releases go to

August 2016   
Climatic Conditions 
24.7 mm of rain received with river level relative low and clarity very clear for the month.  As such trapping has been slow however cormorant activity has increased notably and added presence of numerous pelicans.  Frosts are still being experienced,   (-7°C) and water temps still to a minimum of 2°C with usual winter varied weather conditions. A flood event has occurred on the 31st Aug, with rain water and snow melt run off inundating trap barrier.  
General Hatchery Overview 
Jindabyne Central School year 9 agriculture student attended the site for an orientation and view hatchery production as part of an aquaculture program. They will return later in the season to see varying development in ova and fry. 
A small sample of each species (1+) was provided to Fisheries Officers to transport for aquaria display at the Melbourne fishing, camping and boat expo.   
Stocks on Hand / Fish Movements  
Atlantic salmon 
180,500 eyed ova/fry  400 1+ 120 2+ 80 3+ 60 4+ 30 5+ 
Brook trout 200,000 fry  310 1+

Releases  160 1+ Lake Jindabyne  
Brown trout       Trapping continued and data obtained from further brown trout.  A total of 1111 have been trapped.  Due to the slow nature of trapping this season and inability to have large quantity of adults to supply bulk green ova the proposed additional ova for Dutton hatchery is likely to be supplied as eyed ova later in the season.   As a consequence additional brown trout ova have been laid down at Jindabyne. 
Eildon trout Farm Victoria has expressed interest in purchasing 3000 brown trout eyed ova however documentation to enable translocation is yet to be received.         542,500 ova laid down at Gaden 280,000 green ova sent to Dutton       Rainbow trout       Few (29) rainbow trout have been trapped and data collected to date. 
665,000 ova  1000 1+ future fishing clinic 700 2+ fishing clinic 
Surplus (220) to future production will be marked by research staff and have been released into the Thredbo River and Lake Jindabyne.   
Tourist Centre – Events - Revenue 
August saw a solid month of tours through the hatchery and plenty of people using the picnic area. The clear water coming into the hatchery ponds from the Thredbo River, along with the hatching room being in full swing gave tourists a great insight into all facets of fish production here at Gaden.

Fly fishing has picked up in the last few weeks with some good results coming from Anglers Reach, Braemer Bay, Buckenderra and Seven gates.
After all the rain we have had things are Improving out wide and in close with rainbows and browns most fishers are using large wet flies out in the deeper waters and in close the nymphs seem to be doing the job on the browns out in the deeper waters big woolly buggers and fuzzy’s and yabbie flies are working well at a really slow retrieve.
If you are walking the edge look for the gully’s use a bead head flie let it drop retrieve slow the fish are there with all the rain there is plenty of food laying around.
Overall the fishing is picking up the lake is rising and the weather is looking good. Remember the better fishing days are the bad days so do not let the weather put you off.

Jindabyne is fishing really well with good results coming from most parts of the lake, this is the time to start walking and looking for the big browns now they have finished spawning.
Best places are poo bay, waste point, hatchery bay, east jindy, kalkite,
Overall jindy is fishing well fish are in close and moving around looking for food unlike eucumbene fish jindy on a nice sunny day sun behind your back and keep moving look for them do not stand around waiting go to them!! 


Trolling has been good with some good browns and rainbows trolling around the deeper waters have been the pick for most boats with some really good browns taking the spotted dog Rapala lures. Tassie Devils have been working well close to the shore line this is where you will find the rainbows. There has not been any best areas on the lake it’s been fishing well all over the place in deep and shallow waters. Fishing early morning has been the best but with all this bad weather the fishing has been good all day and if the wind comes up try trolling into the wind with Tassies results have been good!!

TASSIE DEVILS 55, 36, 124, 125, 50


Nice Brown on a Spotted Dog Rapala

Howdy Michael,

Peter at Braemar here with a fishing report for the week ending August 28th 2016.

Well once again it was a mixed week weather wise and fishing results reflected that, snow and wind sent everyone packing as conditions were very ordinary indeed, prior to the snow conditions were more favourable and some nice fish were caught once again, Max Gengalacki caught a nice Brown on powerbait and Daryl Suckley managed 3 nice fish with one Brown going 1566 gms, Ben Tickle led the fly-fishing brigade and encountered a few smallish rainbows taking slow drifted nymphs but generally action was poor on the fly front.

Colin Nicholson from Geelong did well on his only trolling outing with 7 Rainbows taking a # 56 and # 37 Tassie, all of Colin’s action happened around the dam wall end of Halstrom Island in fine calm conditions, Alistair and Greg Dunham from Sale had a completely different catch rate with their first outing drawing an absolute bank in fine sunny conditions, however when the wind swung around to the south west the next morning they had a fantastic 2 hour session catching 16 fish, a mix of Browns and Rainbows from 600 gms up to 2200 gms, all caught around the tree line at the entrance to the Tolbar, their trolling depth was around the 3m mark, deeper or shallower brought no result at all, their best Tassie’s were # 13 # 48 and # 122.

Charlie Rogers and Daniel Watson lure cast one fine sunny morning before the wind got up around the power lines and caught a nice Brown each on Pegron Blue, Charlie missed a monster Brown that was on for 10 minutes before breaking free at the knot, this fish was cruising the edges around the dirty stirred up sections and attacked the Pegron in only 20cm of water as the retrieve finished, Charlie was switched on enough to realize he had to let the fish run and opened his bail arm straight away allowing the fish to take around 20m of line and then the struggle to get him back to shore began, the estimated size of that fish is around the 4 kg mark. It is not uncommon for Browns to behave in this manner, particularly at this time of year, lures being retrieved back through the discoloured water tends to excite fish as they assume it is small yabbies being dislodged from their burrows, a distinctive orange coloured clay bank is the perfect place to cast lures once the wind has got up and quite often the fish will take the lure right at the bank, so be prepared to play the fish with only a meter of 2 of line out, don’t panic, open the bail arm and allow the line to spread through your fingers with a little bit of pressure on the fish and then play the fish once you have a few meters of line out, its a very effective way to play fish caught close in and don’t be surprised if you see fish chasing the lures right up tot he bank. 

The action around Eucumbene will steadily improve over the coming weeks, traditionally, windier days will bring better results especially for those who are lure casting along the banks, trolling will also improve but safety should be the first option, the more seasoned anglers have a good idea on what the wind can bring but everyone needs to be aware that conditions will change rapidly so keep that in mind when out and about boating. 

Pictured is Max Gengalacki with his 1100 gms Brown.


Trolling is picking up at the lake with good results coming from waste point, Kalkite, East Jindy, Dam will and down passed the bowling club most trolling has been out around 30 meters from the shore line. Much the same as eucumbene trolling with Spotted dogs and tassies have been the pick early mornings and from 2pm till dark if you can handle the cold. From now on you should start seeing better results on the troll now the brown are back down from the spawn run.


 Hit Jindabyne with the kids on Sunday and after a battle with the wind we landed a 42cm Salmon and a 40cm Brown. Both were caught on a dark coloured yellow winged Tassie on lead line down around the 6 m mark near the caravan park. We then pulled the boat out and fished with bait at Waste Point. After giving my 5 year old daughter Matilda instructions on what to do if the bells went off I went to move the car. On looking out the window I saw her winding the rod, thinking to myself she was doing what most 5 year olds do as they are so inpatient, only to see a splash next to the bank as she landed a 48cm Rainbow. Wasn't dad and daughter proud. Chunky Cheese being the bait. Cheers Dax Linden Canberra.
Tilly and her Rainbow.



Most places around eucumbene are fishing well with worms and chunky cheese power bait we are starting to get more reports on rainbows and in great condition.


Best areas are Seven gates, frying pan, Rushes, Anglers Reach and some really good reports from Braemer Bay.









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