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Bionic Braid 50lb 500 yards

A brief history

Bionic Braid came about through a collaboration between Rod Harrison and Don McPherson. They saw short comings in existing Spectra/Dyneema braided and fused lines and set out to make a superline that was both distinctive and superior.

They succeeded. Made in Australia, from Type 75 Dyneema fibres - currently the industry's finest denier - Bionic Braid is stronger than any fused Spectra/Dyneema lines of comparable diameter.

Bionic Braid is subject to progressive refinements as thinner yet finer fibres become available. Those upgrades have allowed Bionic Braid to maintain it's edge as the world's most versatile, durable and user-friendly gelspun super line.

Thinner & stronger

Compelling Bionic Braid advantages are effective doubling of reel capacities over the standard loading of 30 pound dacron, a deregulation that allows an enormous increase in scope. Bonefish reels become billfish capable. Flow on advantages include a substantial in water pressure brought about by the comparative thinness of Bionic Braid - and, no significant reduction in the recovery rate in the wake of a big run.

Super tight weave

Machine braided with a super tight weave, Bionic Braid retains its rounded shape on the spool. It exhibits an ideal degree of limpness that lays between that of billowy first generation spectra lines and the wiry crop of uni-filament fused spectra/dyneema lines. Those qualities translate into a braid that is stronger for a given diameter and casts further. An additional bonus lays in the 7% elasticity the Bionic Braid weave provides. This modicum of stretch, absent from competitor product, results in more striking fish solidly hooked, lesshooked fish lost and comparatively higher percentage knot strengths.

Slick Hi-Viz Finish

Bionic Braid has a unique slick and durable Teflon based finish that outlasts the heat treatment 'coating' of other fused Spectra/Dyneema lines. This treatment negates concerns (which have been somewhat overrated) about gelspun lines cutting rod runners and careless hands. Bionic Braid is optically enhanced - it's trademark fluorescent pink colour provides exceptional situation awareness under a wide range of weather and water conditions.

While anglers can see Bionic Braid, it is far less visible to fish. Scientific research has established that bright pink is not on the vision register of offshore gamefish and many commonly caught inshore/freshwater fish.

While there are many 'situation awareness' advantages of the trademark fluro pink colour there are others where conditions - or one's peace of mind - may call for a muted approach. A simple 'camo' application with a dark coloured marking pen will accomplish this.

Hard wearing and longer lasting

Bionic Braid is exceptionally hard wearing. It's distinctive finish outlasts that of the fused generation of Spectra/Dyneema lines and monofilaments. It offers exceptional abrasion resistance around snags, weeds and smooth surfaces.

Please note - some manufacturer's claims as to abrasion resistance of Spectra/Dyneema are widely exaggerated. Users of GSP lines should understand that (as with all fishing lines) significant wear can occur with hard running fish in rocky habitat.


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